Saudia Airline Ticket Refund Made Easy

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As per announcement by Saudia Airlines on Thursdays , the refunding process for Saudia ticket will be made easy and faster soon.

As per the new process the customer can recieve the money in 7 days and that to directly to their accounts. And there will be no need to go to the Saudia office and wait in long queues; you can do it simple from the comfort of your home through the Saudia website.
The Saudia airline officials have said that they will stop refunding tickets from the sales office now; customers will have now have to go to the website to get refund. However, there are exceptions – Tickets issued outside Saudi Arabia, Multiple segment tickets and those issued using coupons will still need to visit the sales office to get reimbursement. But, this too will be made online in the future.
The current system of ticket refund used to take 2-3 hours of waiting time before the refund coupon/check was issued. With the new system, the customer can have a more pleasant experience with Saudia Airlines.


  • Muhammad Saif

    This is correct and I have successfully received refund in my bank account after almost 8 days. Please be careful in two things:
    1) The ticket you purchase should comply with refund and/or change policy. Super Saver ticket type does not support refund.
    2) Before apply for online refund, be sure to call their call center or visit their office to cancel the booking in order to avoid no-show penalty.

    • Sayed Misbaur

      Where you have to make request. In Saudia website itself or you have to apply through any other e-mail address. please advice.

      • Muhammad Saif

        Dear Sayed, it is done from the website directly using the link “”

  • Mohammed Ali

    Saudia ticket refunded on the website before 20days, no refund amount credited to Card as of now (17JAN2015).

    • Muhammad Saif

      Yes, the monetary amount is refunded into the bank account (IBAN) which you will provide in online claim form screen.

  • Syed A. Amjad

    Can tickets issued by refunded

    • Muhammad Saif

      In my experience and opinion, this online refund is applicable to tickets purchased online. Refunding depends on your ticket type. In your case, it is better to check with Saudi Airlines headoffice or if your Govt. office has any agent (travel agent or office agent) who deals as such.

  • What about GR tickets.How can refund,by internet Saudi Arabian international airlines

    • Muhammad Saif

      Every ticket – whether in the form of an individual or grouped – has a unique E-ticket number and online refund claim is based on two information 1) E-ticket number and 2) Last Name of passenger. So, try your claim using these info and see if it works because each ticket’s fare calculation is also individual.

  • Faatima Asmal

    Hi I booked a ticket online today and need to change the dates due to visa regulations. is there a penalty for rebooking a supersaver flights?