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Ramadan 2012 starts from 20th July, 2012

20th July, 2012 has been declared as the beginning of Ramadan 2012. The month of Ramadan can either be either 29 or 30 days. The month ends with Eid which can be expected either on 18th or 19th of July. The government sector has usually a 5 day holiday at this time while it varies in the private […]

Eid Salah/Prayer timings for Saudi Arabia, 2012

Saudi Arabia will celebrate Eid on 26 of October, 2012 corresponding to 10 Dul hijjah, 1433. The Eid prayer is held 10 minutes after sunrise. The Eid salah timings for various cities is as follows: If you city is not here, then you get the timings from www.IslamicFinder.org EID MUBARAK.

Getting Visit Visa for Dubai on arrival for Saudi iqama holders (expats)

Visa on arrival in no more, Click here to get Visa Online: https://qsaudi.com/how-to-apply-for-dubai-visa-online/ IMPORTANT UPDATE:  Visa On Arrival at Dubai Airport is stopped for Saudi Iqama holders !!  For more details see Dubai Visit Visa (on arrival visa facility) Stopped for Saudi Residents Saudi Iqama holder can also apply for Dubai Visa online also. See How to […]

5 Things you should know about Employment contract

The following is an extract from Saudi Labor Law with regards to Employment contract: 1. The work contract for non-Saudis shall be written and of a specified period. If the contract does not specify the duration, the duration of the work permit shall be deemed as the duration of the contract. (Article 37)  2. The contract shall […]

Summary of Labor Law for Women

In addition to the general aspects of Labor Law summarized in the other article, we have summarized few important points from the Labor law specifically for women workers. 1. A lady worker has right to a maternity leave for the four weeks immediately preceding the expected date of delivery and the subsequent six weeks. The […]

List of Labor offices in Saudi Arabia with Contact details.

  The Ministry of Labor has establish Labor offices through out the Kingdom to cater to worker and employers and settlement of disputes. The labor office tries to resolve the dispute mutually. Below are the details of the labor offices with their contact details: Labour office in various regions Telephone No. Riyadh Region 011-403 9857 […]

Best Mobile Service provider for KSA

                    There was a time, when the only telephone service provider in Saudi Arabia was STC – Saudi Telecom Company. Those were days of costly local and international calls. The scenario suddenly change with entry of UAE based Etisalat telecom operator through the name Mobily. International calls […]

Know Your Iqama – Saudi Residence ID

Iqama also know as Residence permit or work license. It is the main identity card for expatriates that is accepted in Saudi Arabia at all places including government office, banks, check points, airports etc. The Iqama shows your name, date of birth, name of your sponsor and date of expiry of ID. An Iqama can […]