Burj Al Arab & Dubai Mall – 2 Short Jokes – Enjoy!

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Joke 1Burj_Al_Arab

Tamer is in a restaurant in Burj Al-Arab.

Tamer: Excuse me waiter, could you come here?

Waiter: Is everything okay?

Tamer: Everything is fine, but would you please try my veg soup?

Waiter: I’m sorry, sir, we really can’t do that.

Tamer: No I won’t say anything, please try my soup.

Waiter: Well, is there something wrong with the soup?

Tamer: No, but will you please try the soup?!

Waiter: Okay, okay… Where’s the spoon?

Tamer: Ah-hah.

Joke 2

Two Fools Johnny and Looney went to visit the biggest Mall of the World – the Dubai Mall, the largest mall in the world.

After touring for about half day, they felt they got lost and was not sure which floor they were and how can they get to next store?

To find the way out, Johnny and Looney went to look at the map, where they see a red big circle that says: YOU ARE HERE.

Johnny looks at Looney – Wow man, this mall is not only big, it’s also very high-tech, and finally exclaims – “WOW! How do they know that?”