How to Check Huroob status & What is the Ban duration to come back to Saudi Arabia?

huroobFirstly, what is Huroob?

When an expatriate employee runs away from his sponsor or is absent from work without information, then his sponsor can file Huroob report (absconding report) with Jawazat. When this happens, the expatriate employee is considered a criminal and can be arrested and jailed and then deported. Any person who gets reported as runaway (Huroob) cannot get any legal work done including renewal of Iqama, or getting exit re-entry visa for leaving the country on his own. For details read here: What is Huroob?

There are a few ways to know if you are under Huroob.

  1. When you Employer informs you that he has put you under Huroob (which is very rare anyways – happens sometimes with Free visas/Azad visas)
  2. Checking on Ministry of Interior Website for Huroob status – Read Here
  3. Checking on Ministry of Labor Website for Huroob Status – Read Here


Follow things take place when you come under Huroob:

  1. Five years ban to enter Saudi Arabia
  2. Iqama will be blocked
  3. Bank accounts will be blocked
  4. Living in KSA will become Illegal


How to Remove Huroob?

Your Kafeel (sponsor) easily revoke / remove Huroob within 15 days of putting Huroob. He can do this online on the website. Otherwise, you have to go the hardway –

First, getting yourself reported to authorities at Tarheel who will arrest you, keep you in jail and then deport you with a 5 year ban from entering Saudi Arabia.

Second is going back to your sponsor (kafeel) and asking him to remove the Huroob. Sometimes, the sponsor negotiates in financial terms for removing Huroob. Practically, your sponsor (kafil) is the only person who can remove Huroob. I have heard of cases where agents/moaqibs who removed the Huroob. Also of cases where the sponsor (kafil) took large amount of money in advance (upto SR 16,000) and did not remove the Huroob.

Then there is the third option – going directly to the authorities, in this case – Jawazat & Ministry of Labor, and filing a report with them for the reason of absence from work. If you are able to convince them, then maybe they will remove. I am waiting to hear success stories in the third option!

You can also check: How to make Payment Online for Huroob Removal?

If you have decided to leave Saudi Arabia, with Huroob status & still want to avoid Jail time, use the below methods:

Here are 4 simple and basic ways that you should consider to avoid the jail trip that you might land in if you don’t take care of the situation at the earliest.

  1. The quickest and first step is to register an application with the Embassy of your native country or the consulate in KSA.
  2. One the plea is registered in the system, you are then checked for any background offenses or criminal record/complaints. Let the authorities handle the work and by chance involve yourself in shortcuts else you may portray the situation in a negative manner.
  3. Apply for an emergency passport from the Embassy of your native country or the consulate in KSA. Your original passport might be under your Kafeel as some companies collect them for security reasons.
  4. Once the emergency passport is received you will be sent to the deportation center for fingerprinting. You will be put to Exit once your documents are submitted and verified by the authorities.

With these steps you will be cutting slack of the Jail time with a Huroob status.

Feel free to ask me any questions below in the comments section.