I am coming to Saudi Arabia first time, What should I know ?

If you are coming to Saudi Arabia for first time, there are a few things you should look out at each stage of the process.

Interview Phase

Things to remember when facing the interview

Most people think that in the interview, the company only asks the question which is very wrong. You also have as much right to know about the company and job as much company has the right to know about you and your skills. We mention below some of the important things which you SHOULD find out at the time of interview:

–          What will be my position / designation

–          What will be the timings & holidays

–          How many days vacation per year

–          What is my salary

–          What about housing, transportation, food, increments, bonus

–          What Medical coverage will be provided to me & my family

–          Family status – visa expenses & medical insurance

–          Where will I be located – which city or town or village.

–          What will be profession on my visa.


Post Interview Phase

Your contract should mention all these points and the contract duration

Once you get a contract copy, inquire about the company from friends and relatives:

–          The salary payment – is it on time

–          Work environment – Is it friendly ? Are the employees over-worked etc

–          Is the salary offer you are getting as per market value ? Will you be able to meet your expenses ?

After doing all you investigation, if you are satisfied, then only give your passport to the agent/recruitment company for further processing and visa stamping. Once the visa is processed, the agent will call you to confirm date for traveling and hand you the passport and ticket. Make sure the visa stamped on the passport has the same profession which was agreed at the time of interview. Kindly note that some of professions are not eligible to bring family.

Contact and coordinate with your company about pick at Airport. Keep the mobile contact numbers of Company HR and other people handy incase you need some assistance in the Airport.

Arrival in Saudi Arabia

Welcome to Saudi Arabia. It advisable for new comers to keep some light snacks – biscuits and water handy as sometimes the immigration process take long time.

After immigration, you will collect your luggage and head for the X-ray machine where the officer will check if you have any prohibited materials in your possession. Kindly note that carrying drugs is punishable by death in Saudi Arabia. Also banned are alcoholic beverages, pork & its products, religious symbols Crosses etc. For complete list you can visit Saudi Customs site. However, the compilation by DHL is a useful guide.

Next stage is making new iqama – See Procedure for Applying for New Iqama for First Time Arrivals