3 Years Ban for failling to return before the expiry of their exit-reentry visa

How to cancel exit re-entry visa for family in Saudi Arabia-MOI Absher- Exit re-entry problems

Very often some expats find themselves in a fix when they issue exit re-entry visa for the family but then the family does not use the visa due to some reason. Sometimes vacation plans are canceled and the family stays within Saudi Arabia. At other times, the family might not be able to return to Saudi Arabia due to any reason. In both cases, you need to get the visa canceled to avoid penalty. We will be explaining how you can do that.

FYI, the penalty for issuing exit re-entry and not using it is a punishable offense according to Saudi law.

Things to keep in mind:

At the very outset lets make two things very clear:

  • Once your exit re-entry visa is issued you have to travel in 90 days or before the last date of travel mentioned. If you do not do so there is a penalty of SAR 1000. This is doubled and then tripled if you continue doing the same mistake again.
  • In order to cancel exit re-entry visa online, the sponsor needs to be present in the kingdom and should not have any Visa violations.

Steps to cancel exit re-entry visa if vacation plans are canceled.

In this case, your family is with you in Saudi Arabia and they no longer want to travel outside the country for some reason.

To cancel their exit re-entry visa follow the following steps:

  1. Login to your MOI (Ministry of Interior) Absher account (To know how to create Absher account read this article)

2. Once you are “logged in” click on My Dashboard.

3. On the Dashboard, you will find “Dependants details.” There click on MORE DETAILS.

4. Now, for the concerned dependant (dependants) click on more details.

5. Click on CANCEL VISA.

231 Procedure to Cancel Exit Re-Entry Visa Online 02

6. This will lead you to another screen with details of dependants. At the bottom click CONFIRM.

231 Procedure to Cancel Exit Re-Entry Visa Online 04

7. A new screen will appear; confirming that Exit re-entry Visa has been canceled.

Steps to cancel Exit Re-entry Visa if the family can’t return to Saudi Arabia

What this essentially means is that your family went on vacation and cannot return before the visa expiry date. In this case, you will have to issue them a final exit.

This can be done even if your family is not inside the kingdom.

To read the detailed procedure on how to issue final exit for dependants, read our article How to send Family on final Exit