Online Expat Dependent Fees Calculator

Dependent Fees Calculator

We provide below dependent fees. You have to just select two things:

  1. Number of dependent under your sponsorship
  2. Date when your iqama is expiring

You will get the dependent fees which you have to pay online in the bank.

Note, irrespective if you are renewing your iqama or issuing Exit Re-entry visa, you have to pay the fee till the date of expiry of iqama. However, for issue of exit re-entry visa, the fees can be paid for individual dependent for whom your are issue the visa and not the rest of the family if they are not going out of the country. But the fees for the rest of the family will have be paid later.

This calculator works on Desktop and may NOT give correct results on mobile.

To know complete information about Dependent fee – Process, Payment procedure, iqama linking and Exit Visa issue see qSaudi – Dependent Fees Q & A