Exit with Huroob status and avoid jail time

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Huroob in Saudi Arabia is a condition when the person is considered to have either run away, absconder or be absent from work. Expatriates in KSA are subjected to jail time and fine charges if they are categorized under the Huroob status.

Here are 4 simple and basic ways that you should consider to avoid the jail trip that you might land in if you don’t take care of the situation at the earliest.

  1. The quickest and first step is to register an application with the Embassy of your native country or the consulate in KSA.
  2. One the plea is registered in the system, you are then checked for any background offenses or criminal record/complaints. Let the authorities handle the work and by chance involve yourself in shortcuts else you may portray the situation in a negative manner.
  3. Apply for an emergency passport from the Embassy of your native country or the consulate in KSA. Your original passport might be under your Kafeel as some companies collect them for security reasons.
  4. Once the emergency passport is received you will be sent to the deportation center for fingerprinting. You will be put to Exit once your documents are submitted and verified by the authorities.

With these steps you will be cutting slack of the Jail time with a Huroob status.


  • Mohammad Salik Raza

    Hi my brother put under huroob by his kafeel. He need final exit to come his own country. How is it possible and what is the procedure for the same please advise….

  • Syed Mustafa

    السلام عليكم
    Dear brothers
    I am having a problem since 3 years I was born in saudi arabia I am Indian by nationality I am a Student from India I came here to renew my iqama as everybody does but due to my father health problems he is suffering from brain severe he’s recovering now I our new kafeel is not making renew our iqama since one year also our insurance is expired our kafeel is making delay everyday tomorrow since one year now I am fedup I need to go final exit to india please brothers advice my legal way so I can go to india & complete my education and return it read in forums some people got noc paper and exit paper as I am dependent what should I do regarding my case we are seven members in family with out iqama it’s problematic to survive please help me I need your sincerely advice …
    my sim is blocked due to fingerprint registration
    My what’s app: +966503693523

  • waqas ch

    میرے کفیل نے میرا خروب دے دیا ہوا ہے خروب کو تقریبا ایک مہینہ سے وقت اوپر ہو گیا ہوا ہے
    اس کا کوئی حل ہے تو بتا دے ؟