What is Huroob ? How can I remove it ?

This is one thing you need to be careful. When an expatriate employee runs away from his sponsor or is absent from work without information, then his sponsor can file Huroob report (absconding report) with Jawazat. When this happens, the expatriate employee is considered a criminal and can be arrested and jailed and then deported. Any person who gets reported as runaway (Huroob) cannot get any legal work done including renewal of Iqama, or getting exit re-entry visa for leaving the country on his own.

But it is not always that employee is at fault. There have been quite a few incidents where the employer for various personal reasons has reported the employee as runaway (Huroob). It may because that the sponsor had a disagreement with employee or may be wants to take out more visas or others.

In such cases, what is the solution ?

There are only two solutions:

Saudi Police, Photography - Hassan Ammar/AP

Saudi Police, Photography – Hassan Ammar/AP

First, getting yourself reported to authorities at Tarheel who will arrest you, keep you in jail and then deport you with a 5 year ban from entering Saudi Arabia.

Second is going back to your sponsor (kafeel) and asking him to remove the Huroob. Sometimes, the sponsor negotiates in financial terms for removing Huroob. Practically, your sponsor (kafil) is the only person who can remove Huroob. I have heard of cases where agents/moaqibs who removed the Huroob. Also of cases where the sponsor (kafil) took large amount of money in advance (upto SR 16,000) and did not remove the Huroob.

Then there is the third option – going directly to the authorities, in this case – Jawazat & Ministry of Labor, and filing a report with them for the reason of absence from work. If you are able to convince them, then maybe they will remove. I am waiting to hear success stories in the third option !

You may also find this useful – How to pay online: Huroob (runaway) removal fee


  • mohammed

    Dear Sir,

    If anyone go to vacation on re-entry visa and due to some problems he may not return to KSA on time or don’t want to come back from vacation to the same company.
    1) So can he come on another visa immediately or he has to wait till iqama expires.
    2) If anyone did not’ return from vacation then , is any company has authority to put him in huroob.?

    • SaudiExpert

      Can come provided he has no huroob.

      • Ali Jan

        Plzz sir plzzz me remove my haruf 2362203255

    • Rasheed

      My brother I also have same question with you. If you got a reply from here please let me know. Thanks….

  • Tarik Sulieman AlKadi

    Mostly Complain on MOL & some jarzwas. About my worker running for no reason of total over 40 since 2004 till 2010 final that MOL was so late but some 6 I already file MOJ but there r already transferable without my permission without reason. And this is not fair I lost alot from MOL. So u must sms me 0506228930 in Riyadh to meeting for reason disuss

  • qanar

    Hi i was in soudi arabia 2007 to till 2011.i workd with kafeel 6 month beging after i runaway .so finaly police send pakistan by tareel .i want know can i get again visa soudi arabia or still i have ban .my kakeel put haroob .i dont gave any crimnal case .

  • qanar

    If you need my iqama # i will send u also my previous pasport .

  • wasim abbas

    Kafil give me huroob how can I removed my huroob and transfer my self to another sponse

    • wasi

      Same problem with if u hear any news plz share with me can my kafeel remove my huroob

  • Samir

    How can we check online whether the kafeel has filed huroob or not ?


  • mohsin

    Salaam Alykum
    Brother i was in saudi in 28.04.2011 till i was send exit by company in dec 2011 coz i was reported by the company absconding it was by mistake cz once it is reported the report cld nt been cancel as per company so i had to exit bt bfre going exit my previous company pro took me to jawazat thn there he red stamped my passport cn u pls explain to me wht does it mean and for how mny years and i have new job now in saudi can i come back this is my iqama number 2305345916

  • Saleh

    My advise to all of you go to ministry of labour they will solve your problem

  • Anas

    Hi… my sponsor sets me in Haroob… do any body can help me how to remove my name from haroob as i know all options but still.. is there any way who can be able to remove my name from haroob and i can do job as my sponsor is not agree to set my name off the record.

  • Quemer Abid

    My previous sponsor willing to take me back but they dont know how to take the haroob off.

    Can any one back advice the way.
    Quemer Abid

  • Ali Jan

    hello sir plzzz help remove my haruf ???? Before 1 year haruf me ???my iqama nmbr is2362203255 Plzzzzzzzz help meeeee my phone nmbr is 0591701889

  • Ali Jan

    Plzzzz helpp mee

  • Ali Jan

    Salam sir plzzzz help mee remove my haruff my iqama nmbr is2362203255

  • Ali Jan

    Hello sir plzzz help my remove my haruff ???? My iqama 2362203255 expire before 1year

  • romeo pantan

    how can I know if im banned in k.s.a. and how will I know if the banned is already finished? please advise.

  • Zakir Ullah

    hye i have haroob i want to remove plllzz help me my sponser in green

  • Sirajarjmn

    Im mohd siraj n huroob since 1 year n need transfer as my kafeel is in red

  • Muhammad Abdul Rahman

    I am muhammed Abdul Rahman My iqama expire date is 23/11/2016.
    Before 5days i am going Umra ( Makha & Madheena) fist time my Kafeel told me you go Umra no problem than I am going April 6 2016
    I am going than 3 hour after my Kafeel call me .than told me immediately come back after 1 hour before. if don’t come back you I am going Javasath office than put Huroob than 25000 riyal pay me after release you. Me not come back .I can’t come back

    Than I am coming after 3days. finished umra. But he my Kafeel not cancel Huroob he want money 25000 riyal .
    Now Me locking he Office back side . he take my iqama and passport

    My iqama Number 2372822763
    I have going bus ticket (umra) .Rahmaniya office Batha Riyadh .going date 6/4/2016
    I dont have money anything . I want help please.any buddy help me call me My phone Number 0538015770

    • King Basit Tariq

      Did you kefeel Huroob you?

  • Rahat hossain

    how can i sand a application to ministry of labor ksa

  • Haseeb

    If a person who is in huroob will go to labour court then it will be aressted or not?
    Plz answr

  • kamal

    pliss Hilef my i.m huroob

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  • Abu Alsaif Khattab Al-huzain

    Salam guys. My iqama status is huroob then i go to my kafeel. I said i need to transfer and willing to pay for the removal of my huroob. But he said i need to go to jawazat with my new kafeel. What will i do???? Anybody please help

  • Louise Demdam

    Good evening,my husband is a huroob last 2014, but year 2016 his company tell him to pay for his case..So that he can comeback anytime here in Saudi.he paid for his company 9ksar but the problem is until now he can’t comeback here to work..
    What the best he can do so that he can work again here..
    Please help him..
    Thank you
    My husband name is Michael Anonuevo

  • randy galos

    Good day to every body! Kindly help please help me to check if my iqama no: 2227433766 name Randy Alamag Galos if in huroob status? The wed site of ministry of interior and labor of saudi is not opening in the philippines..

    please, please help? If ever, you get the copy of my iqama status kindly copy paste and send copy to my email: [email protected]

    I work in saudi before, at year 2009. After that im Working in philippines antil now..