Abshir – What every Expat in Saudi Arabia should know

Abshir – A gateway for expatriates to government services in Saudi Arabia

After iqama (also now called muqeem), Abshir is next most powerful thing for Expatriates living in Saudi Arabia.

From know the status of iqama, passport expiry reminders to issuing exit re-entry for dependents and printing Hajj permit (tasreeh), Abshir is very important and powerful resource for expatriates.

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Also important point to note regarding Abshir online portal is that it can accessed only in Saudi Arabia. Quite a few of our readers have said they were not able to open their Abshir account while abroad.

So you may want to print your Exit Re-entry while in Saudi Arabia as you may not be able to print it from outside Saudi Arabia. Many airlines require you to show that you have a valid visa for Saudi Arabia and for this reason, they want to see a hard copy of the exit re-entry print out. We know first hand of a case of a couple who were stuck in Germany due to this reason.