Reporting an Accident to Najm

Accident with NajmReporting an Accident in Saudi Arabia has legal procedures and regulations involved. You should be familiar with the various terms and circumstances and should know how to respond to such situations if there is as accident or let’s say if you are involved in a traffic accident. There are two major ways to report a road accident in the Kingdom.

In many of the big cities in KSA there are two authorities that deal with such situations; The Traffic Police and Najm

1- If there is any casualty, injury or fire case; Only Traffic Police can take action on it.

2- If there is NO casualty, only damages, you have to call Najm (Company which provides you with an official documentation to claim Insurance)

Below is the procedure mentioned to report an accident to the Najm services in KSA:

  • Call 920000560 then select the appropriate language. The describe your location, details of the accident and other required questions should be answered when a customer service representative gets in touch with you.
  • This year the Najm services have launched a mobile application which can be downloaded on Android and Iphone devices.
  • The e-service is said to be extremely efficient and quick in services.
  • You should have access to internet when you are using the Najm mobile app.
  • You should have valid insurance.
  • Snap pictures of the accident from different angels and upload them on the application.
  • Give the location from your phone in the application.
  • In reply, an automated system will provide you assigned surveyor details, estimated reachable time, contact number and his location.
  • The Najm apps also lets you check the validity of your insurance online.

Be very careful in KSA when you’re driving to avoid complications and chaotic situations on the road.

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