What is Ruksa ?

When the policeman at the check point asks you, “Fain Ruksa ?”, he means to say where is your driving license?

Though the ruksa is a general term for permit, the Saudi Driving License (DL) is commonly referred as Ruksa.

As can be seen the image below, the Driving license shows the Name of the Driving License holder, his license number which is same as iqama number, expiry date of DL, type of driving license (Private, Public or Heavy vehicle) and blood group of driver. For the complete process on how to get driving license, see How to get Saudi Driving License.


Saudi Driving License

Saudi Driving License

  • eyescreaman

    The link on how to get saudi license is not working, can you please update ?

  • Nabeel Ali

    Assalam O Alaikum !

    I have few questions !!!

    I got terminated from the job. now i find a job of delivery driver for ups company. they have volkswaggen caddy car 2.5ton with yellow plate number. i have a Private lite driving licence of saudi arabia. i have a profession of carpenter on my iqama. Now my question are following,

    1- Can i drive that car with lite private driving licence or i need Public driving licence?

    2- if i need a public driving licence how to obtain it? is they make public driving licence from my private driving licence without any test?

    3- For the job delivery driver , did i need to change my profession as driver?

    4- can i do delivery driver job with private licence and carpenter on iqama in my 3-months probation period?

  • waseem

    business visa holder can get driving license saudi arabia

  • waseem

    Can business visa holder can get driving license in Saudi Arabia. Last year i left KSA but still have Driving Licence given by E-company.