How to do fingerprinting for women at Jawazat

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The Passport office has implemented new rules starting 20th March which makes it compulsory for women over the age of 15 years to have their biometrics/ fingerprinting / basmah done.

However, the process has been made easy by implementation in stages.

The government has provided a series of centers for fingerprinting throughout the Kingdom.

The documents required for fingerprinting are as follows :

Do not forget

  • Iqama – Original
  • Passport – Original

You can visit any of the center mention in this list. Some of the locations are having big lines and the tokens are getting over as soon as the office open as reported by one our reader who visited Sahara Mall in Riyadh while another reader who visited Flamingo Mall found it empty and fingerprinting was done immediately.

Some of the centers like Sahara Mall & Flamingo Mall have flexible timings operating from 9 am to 12 pm and then again in the evening 4 pm to 9 pm.

We would like to thank our readers Sheraz Hameed & Abu Maryam for their contribution to this article.


    Is it necessary for Housewife ? or only applicable for working women .pl let us know

    • SaudiExpert

      Necessary for all,

  • nasirbhatti

    dear it’s applicable for all women who are 18 years old.

  • Saud

    Ya, i think Mr. Nasir is saying right. its compulsory whoever lady reach to their 18 year age.

    • SaudiExpert

      Yes agreed, its for over 18 years,

  • Irfan

    IS friday saturday closed ? DO they have a female only section – or husbands must accompany their wife ?

    • Mohsin

      No need for Husband to accompaby.

  • Toxic

    Dear @SaudiExpert,

    Is it possible to do these finger scanning on the Self-Serivce Kiosks located in multiple place? If yes please explain the procedure in detail.



    • SaudiExpert

      Dear Toxic,
      No, these self-service kiosks are for registering for Abshir.
      Best regards,
      Non-Toxic 🙂

      • Toxic

        Thanks, I did it at Al Sadhan Mall Khurais road after two days effort. Because no one wants to work here specially in Ramadan:)

        • Khizar

          Mr Toxic

          Can i please know where can i register the fingerprints for my children. They r above 15.

  • amjad

    please let me know what is the timmings for fingerprints in ramadah>>>>>>>>>>

    • Toxic

      Thanks, Saudi Expert

    • Toxic

      timings would be 12.30 to 4pm. You would have to reach early to kill the rush as they only entertain 50 or 75 applicants per day.
      I did it in AlSaadan mall at Khurais road.

  • Isnijam

    Please can i know what is the time for fingerprint in sahara mall in ramadan

    • Toxic

      Yes you can, most likely timings would be 12.30 to 4pm. You would have to reach early to kill the rush as they only entertain 50 or 75 applicants per day.
      I did it in AlSaadan mall at Khurais road.

      • Ziauddin Ahmed

        Mr. Toxic,

        There is any timing at night in Sahara Mall ?


        • Toxic

          Dear Zia Uddin,
          I am positive that there is no evening timing at Al Sadhaan mall, but no idea about Sahara mall.

  • Ihssan

    Is there a place where a person can remove their old fingerprint and make a new one in order to make a new passport and visa?

    Just have been wondering how illegals without these documentations can legalize themselves without leaving the country.

  • MYF

    Is flamingo office open on Friday or Saturday ??

  • Sudheer Mohammed Haneefa

    Basmah (Finger print) for ladies is actually very easy procedure. I did this on Sunday (24/08/2014) from Sahara Mall for my wife. I reached there at 5 PM .If you enter through Gate no.6 you can use the escalator and move to left. If you enter through Gate No.5 use stair case and take left. There is a SABB ATM .If you are confused just ask to any shop about JAWAZAT office…Take a Left turn there is a corridor to MOI service desk. A security person will give you token ticket and wait for the display in the TV screen. When I reach only 3 families on waiting there and no rush at all. Only ladies are allowed to stay there and men have to wait near food court. When your turn comes go inside with Original Passport and Iqama, and procedure will finish within 2 minutes….Working days after 4.30 PM seems the suitable time….I spend a total of 10 minutes to do the thing. Nothing to worry… Best of luck
    Sudheer Mohammed Haneefa

  • ubaid

    please let me know what is the timings for fingerprints in Madinah

  • sameeraiqbal

    Is friday saterday closed

  • Muhammad

    After fingerprint done, How long it takes to be upgraded in system.

  • joyce

    Is there any deadline for updating the iqama through basmah?
    Some sisters told us it is until dec 23 2014..
    pls response..

  • Fingerprinting is now mandatory for ladies above 18 years of age and if you are registered with Abshar you cannot get the exit re-entry visa for your wife unless she has done the fingerprinting (Basmah).

    That is why it has become little hectec as we arrived at Sahara Mall at 3.40 p.m. yesterday and we had 163 tokens bebore us. Our turn came at 7.50 p.m. and the fingerprinting was completed at 8:00 p.m.

    They used to have this facility at Sadhan Mall at Khurais Road but it is now moved to exit 5 and hence this rush at Sahara Mall.

    If you can go in the morning at 8.00 a.m. it is better as you will find less people waiting there.

  • Hammad Iqbal

    Dear can I get it done from SARAFI MALL, Jeddah (Tahlia Street), opposite to IKEA, as there is office of JAWAZAT there.
    Kindly awaiting for your quick reply.

    059 0655 862

  • Shahid

    i need to know the last date of finger prints thanks

  • Hok

    Does my wife need to do it if she just arrived to Riyadh a few days ago? Is it supposed to be done at the customs already? One of the required document is Iqama, which she is going to get. So how does it work for her?


  • Jameel Ullah Sheriff

    hi please tell how many days will take fingerprint of my wife to updated.
    we already want red sea mall for my wife
    fingerprint. but still not updated in system now three days complted.

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