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Getting Visit Visa for Dubai on arrival for Saudi iqama holders (expats)


Visa On Arrival at Dubai Airport is stopped for Saudi Iqama holders !! 

For more details see Dubai Visit Visa (on arrival visa facility) Stopped for Saudi Residents

For all GCC countries citizens (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar), there is no need for visa. Citizen of certain countries (see list) can 30 day free visa on arrival (see list of countries here). However, for others not included in the above list wishing to go to UAE, there are three ways:

Getting Visa through the Embassy

Your sponsor has to submit your passport along with your application to the UAE embassy. This is a business visa which gets stamped for 30 days and is valid only for 14 days ie you should travel within 14 days of stamping of the visa to UAE. Profession on your passport does not matter.

Getting Visa online visa through Emirates airline

Nationals of countries requiring a prearranged UAE visa can now apply and pay for their visas online through If you are travelling to or stopping over in Dubai with Emirates, you can submit an application and receive your UAE visa entirely online – without having to submit your passport for stamping. You can apply for your UAE visa through our Manage a Booking tool after booking your Emirates flight. Click here to book your online visa through Getting visa On-arrival at Airport

When you arrive at the Dubai airport, the first thing you need to do is go to the bank counter at the airport where you pay the visit visa fee of AED 185 and get an application form along with your fee voucher. Remember, you have to buy one application form for each passport, even for your baby if (s)he is having separate passport. After filling the form, go eye scanning counter. This may take some depending on the queue. They usually have a separate queue for women.

After eye scanning is over, you can go to the immigration counter where you have to present your passport, a copy of your Saudi iqama stamped by your sponsor and visa application. They will stamp a visa of 30 days on your passport. This visa can be extended for another 30 days. Note: on arrival visa is not for all professions; it for specific professions like Doctors, Engineers etc. To confirm if you can get On-arrival visa for your profession, you can call the UAE embassy at Riyadh on the following number : 01-482 8402 01-482-7366

Also you can get information on visa requirement by calling Dubai Airport on +971-4-224-5555.

If you have any questions or comments on the above topic



    I am a teacher working in an International School Riyadh, KSA. I wish to go Sharjah during this vacation ( JUNE 30,2012) .My iqama validity is unti November 2012. How can I get the visit visa for 30 days. Please give me a correct reply as soon as possible.

    Thank you very much

    • SaudiXpert

      Hi Shibu.
      It is best you check with the UAE embassy in Riyadh.

      • Arshad

        My proffession is Computer network technician, I checked with UAE Embassy Jeddah they said i will get on arrival, Do I need carry my original iqama or what I want carry with my passport for get on arrival visa

        • NAJAM US SAQIB

          You have to present your orignal iqama at immigration counter orignal iqama is required


      Yes you can get on arrival visa on teacher profession in any gcc state your iqama should be valid for at least three months and passport also valid for at least three months you will get on arrival visa at sharjah airport costs you 185 AED valid for one month stay extendable to one month more you have to present your original iqama at sharjah immigration counter orignal iqama is required in any gcc state to get visa on arrival .

  • Muhammad Shahzad

    Salaam your blog is very helpful But I want to know if i can get visit visa on arrival at Dubai airport .
    I have valid Iqama of Maintenance Engineer .So am I eligible to apply for 30 day visit visa at the airport.

    • SaudiXpert

      Shahzad, as per the rules, people with the Profession “Engineer” on their iqama are entitled to 30 day visit visa on arrival. Don’t forget to take stamped copy of your iqama.

      • jerry

        what about iqama validity in my iqama validity is october 13 2013 , i am planning to go uae on 31 st juy 2013 , then any problem ?

      • WASEEM

        DEAR SIR,




      • zakir ullah khan

        what do u mean by stamped iqama?
        stamped from where ?

  • Mohammad azam jamil

    Iam in riyadh my designation on my iqama is hvac technicion can i get visa for dubai on arrival.
    please let me inform as soon as posible. thanks.

    • SaudiXpert

      Dear Azam,
      As we mentioned above, the rules are changing from time to time. You can inquire with UAE consulate to get the information on the latest rules.
      Do share the information so that other can benefit.
      Thanks and regards

    • manoj

      idear sir,i wish to visit dubai,i m a saudi iqama holder,as a general supervisor,can i get visa, from here in riyadh,what is the requrement documents

  • Adeel

    My profession on iqama is accountant. Can I get visa on arrival

  • Jude

    Hello please advice me i am Saudi Iqama Holder Filipino National with Marketing Specialist Professions do i am elegeble for Visa on arival in Sharja?

    Please advise



      Yes You are eligible for visa on arrival major professions can get visa on arrival in dubai and sharjah iqama should valid at least three months and passport should valid at least six months approved professions are

      belongs to corporate level except labour professions

      • Patrick

        Hi, suppose the iqama profession is ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN, will i be able to get a visa on arrival?

  • Mohammed Ashraf

    I have change my profession in Saudi arbaia, from labour to Cost Accountant.
    My Iqama status is Cost Accountant but in passport still its Labour can i get on arrival visa to GCC countries

    • Wasi

      Ashraf can u guide me the proces how u changed ur iqama please…

  • sissyjhen

    hi! i am a nurse in riyadh and badly wants to go to dubai this november,, anybody who can tell me the papers/things i need to bring (passport, visa,etc)???.. thanks a lot peepz!


      You need Original Iqama valid for at least three months
      passport validity 6months
      Expatriate able to present his original iqama to the immigration officer

  • azra siddiqui azra working as lecturer in saudi arabia.can i get on arrival visa fr the month of october and my iqama expired in december.please guide me



      Iqama should valid for at least three months and passport should be valid at least six months Expatriate able to present his original iqama to immigration officer

  • Malik

    My iqama profession is “General Accountant”, can i get visa on arrival. Please confirm.


  • jean

    i would like to confirm if i can get visa for dubai upon my arrival on the airport of dubai, im holding saudi iqama and my profession here is a nurse im planing to stay in dubai for 3 days only..


    • SaudiXpert

      You can get visa by travelling by Emirates airlines. However, we are unaware if you can get visa on arrival for your said profession.
      You can with the UAE embassy as mentioned above.
      Do share with us if you are able to get visa so that others can benefit.

    • ralph

      dear sir,i wish to visit dubai,i m a working now in saudi arabia jeddah ,as a waiter,can i get visa, from here or can i get d visa when i arrival to dubai
      in jeddah,what is the requrement documents.. thanks

  • praseej

    My Iqama Profession is “Network technician”, FANNY SHABAKAT HASIB shall I get on arrival VISA, please let me know.


  • Nayeem

    Dear Team

    My profession on IQAMA is Electrical Technician (Fanny Karbai Tamdedaat)can i get on arrival visa?

    FYI i have visited once before to Dubai with an pre arranged visa.

    Thanks in advance.

    • SaudiXpert

      Hi Nayeem.
      We know that on arrival is given to Doctors and Engineers working in Saudi Arabia.
      However for Technicians, it would be best to check with the UAE embassy at Riyadh on 01-482 8402.
      Alternately you can get information on visa requirement by calling Dubai Airport on +971-4-224-5555.
      Do share your finding so that others can benefit from your experience.

  • Shaheer


    I am currently working in Dammam and I am planning to go to Dubai (on arrival visa) next week with my family by Saptco bus service. I want to come back alone and later go after 2 weeks to bring my family back. What I want to know is if I come back alone my family can stay there or not in my absence as their visa is taken by me. I will surely go back to bring them back. Any help would be appreciated.

    • SaudiXpert

      Each passport has got separate visa stamped on it.
      So, it is not necessary for your family to come back with you.
      Hope this helps. Have a nice vacation.

  • Fahad


    i have iqama with engineer profession. i m in karachi and wants to go dubai from karachi. Can I go from karachi to dubai without visa. I think i will get on arrival visa. I will book flight and hotel online. please clearify me about the departure from karachi to dubai. I have a copy of my iqama.

    • SaudiXpert

      Hi Fahad.
      Yes it can be done. I know quite a few people with similar situation as yours and they were able to get visa on arrival at Dubai.
      However, to be on safe side you can call the Dubai airport to update yourself regarding the latest rules and regulations.
      Dubai Airport telephone: +971-4-224-5555
      Have a nice trip and do share your experiences for others benefit.

  • khaja

    i have changed my profession from tiles fixer to system analyst and i want to travel to dubai for this eid but in my passport the visa is with the same old profession. is it possible to take my new stamped iqama copy and travel through saptco.

    • SaudiXpert

      The profession on your iqama is the one that counts.
      Just take a stamped copy of your iqama.
      However, just confirm with UAE embassy that System analyst get visa on arrival.

    • Ajaz Nusrat


      Please share your experience did you got visa on arrival for Dubai on System Analyst profession on your IQAMA?

      Thanks in advance.

  • Upendra Lele

    My wife works with Qassim University as Associate Professor in Medical Microbiology. I have a family resident Iqamah, my wife is my sponsor. We are planning to go to Dubai for site seeing for a few days. Please let me know if we shall get Visa on arrival at Dubai airport. Regards.

    • SaudiXpert

      You can check with UAE embassy or Dubai Airport to get the latest update.

  • noushad

    my proffession on iqama labor, can iget on arrivel visa in dubai?

    • SaudiXpert

      As far as we know, there is no Visa on arrival for Labor iqama.

  • Allen Darrel Kinny

    Dear Sir,
    I would like to travel to Dubai on 15th Dec 2012 I would like to know whether I am entitled to a visa on arrival.My profession put on my Iqama is Surveyor Buildings,I tried contacting Riyadh Embassy for information but the number given on your site says its temporary out of service,And the dubai number they give another number to talk to and no one answers it.Please help me out.

    • SaudiXpert

      The UAE embassy number has changed recently.
      The new number is 01-482-7366.

  • mushthaque

    profession in my iqama is car mechanic. can i get visa on arrival. pls. comment

    • SaudiXpert

      You can find out by trying on the new UAE embassy number 01-482-7366.

  • monzurul haque

    I am working in ksa. My akama profession is laboratory technician. can I get on arrival visa in Dubai?

  • Taj M


    I’ve been to dubai this september with visa on-arrival (I have Engg Profession). I need to visit Dubai again this December. But my Iqama expires on April 2013. Which means my iqama is NOT valid for 6 months at the time of entry in Dubai.. Can this be a problem to get on-arrival visa ?? If so, what other options am i left with ??? Kindly suggest…

    Taj M

  • mohamed sayeed

    in my saudi riyadh iqama profession is mechanical draftman can i get on arrival for uae please reply with supporting document so i can get visa at border i will travel by bus

    regards sayeed

  • Najia

    assalamualaikum…i am an expat living in saudi arabia under my husband’s iqama. ,senior engineer) i want to know will i get visa on arrival in dxb only for me & my daughter? we are travelling without my husband, so what profession can i show there? i am a housewife. we dont have time to get visa from counsulate. plz help

  • Hamza

    I want to know for how long the saudi iqama has to be valid to get entry in dubai . I have heard that less than 3 months validity is not considered that is you cant get visa at arrival if your iqama is valid for less than 3 months . Iam a doctor by profession

  • http://none warda faheem

    salam. i am a house wife holding an iqama under sponsorship of my husband. my husband is working here as an engineer. we have two children, both are aqama holders under their father’s sponsorship. i just want to inquire that being an expat but iqama holder, under my husband’s sponsorship, am i allowed to work as a teacher in an international school? does saudi laws permit that. the schools have no problem if i obtain an NOC from my husband. but is it legal according to saudi laws?

  • Darwin Datario


    I’m a freelancer working here in Riyadh, my company wants to send me to Abu Dhabi for an exhibit, the problem is my sponsorship is still not under my present company, my profession in my iqama is a driver. the exhibit will be on Nov. 19-21. With that said can i obtain a visit visa? What are the requirements for me get a visit visa..

    Many Thanks…

    • SaudiXpert

      For driver profession on iqama, it is not possible to get visa on arrival. However, if any company in UAE invites you by send visa, then you can go.


        if any company provides you invitation letter and it is attested with chamber of commerce from UAE then you can get visa on arrival if travelling through emirates airlines and your stay is minimum eight ours and you have confirmed ticket to continue your journey then you can get on arrival visa due to GCC residency and 96 our transit visa or you can apply through emirates airline after booking of your itenrary .

  • Maharoof Khader

    Assalamu Alaikum

    I am an Engineer working in Saudi Arabia. But my profession is (Nakash Khazaf, نقاش خزف) as per my Iqama. Please let me know whether I am eligible to get on arrival Visa in Dubai.

    Is there any website to check the list of professions allowed for a visit visa in Dubai..


  • Justin George

    hai sir,
    I am working in Abudhabi and my wife is working as Staff Nurse in Jeddah. I would like to bring her to Abudhabi on February, and let me know is it possible to take On arrival visa for her…

  • jobin

    This message is with regard to the on arrival visa to UAE.
    I am Saudi Resident my profession in the permit is mentioned as Student my father is itself my sponsor & his profession Graphic civil engineer
    I had travelled along with him to UAE last year & had got the on arrival visa
    I am planing to travel alone this week to UAE will be able to get on arrival visa
    Looking forward for your advice

    • SaudiXpert

      It is better to check with UAE embassy to be on the safe side. The contact details are given at the end of article.

  • suhaibahmed

    HAi i have a sava khas ( family driver visa) can i get visit visa for dubai .


    • SaudiXpert

      Unfortunately no.

  • Muhammad Ghazanfar Zuberi

    hello sir,
    i’m an engineer in Jeddah KSA i want to go to dubai for on arrival visa.can you please tell me can i get the on arrival visa on dubai air port,
    this is the required doc (submit iqama copy with stamped by my sponsor)
    my point is no body sponsor me to go to dubai so i have an iqama copy but not stamped iqama copy by my sponsor.
    can i get on arrival visa.

    waiting for your reply.

  • King


    I am working in Riyadh as a Mechincal Engineer, as far as I know, Engineers on Iqama are legible to get visit visa upon arrival on the border or airport. My question is. I have family here in Riyadh I have two children and they are under my sponsorship. however, my wife has another sponsorship because she is working as a nurse here in Riyadh and on her Iqama nurse profession.

    I would like to know if she can travel with us and get the visit visa direct from the border. please be inform that we are legally married and we have all the necessary document and all accepted by the Saudi goverment.

    Thank you very much for your response,Appreciated.

    Best Regards.

  • Mutaz Hashim

    Hi, I’m a French citizen living in Saudi. In traveling with wife and kids to dubai but remembered that my wife is Sudan citizen. Can we have visa upon arrival or need to issue before departure.

  • jane

    hi am working in najran national guard health affair as patient care technician but my iqama is housekeeper can i get a visa going to dubai?please ned ur emmediate reply.tnx.

  • Faizan

    I have Saudi Resident STUDENT Visa, can I get Dubai Visit Visa ON-ARRIVAL?

    Kindly advice…

    • SaudiXpert

      You may have a possibility of getting a visa on arrival depending your father’s iqama profession. It is best to clarify with the Immigration authorities at the Dubai Airport. Dubai Airport contact number is +971-4-2245555 and contact on site is

  • Asad

    i am HVAC Engineer but my Iqama is welder can i got visa to Dubai . please i need help

    • SaudiXpert

      It is the profession on your iqama that counts.
      For more details contact the Dubai Embassy on 01-482-7366 or Dubai Airport on 00971-4-2245555

  • leah

    i have a visa to dubai for a seminar. i want to bring my husband whose iqama is labor. can he get visa on arrival to dubai?

    • SaudiXpert

      Unfortunately, presently he cannot get visa on arrival on labor iqama.

  • saurav

    I am planning to visit dubai. I am having a saudi iqama and working as a chemical engineer in saudi arabia but my nationality is indian. please tell me which documents i need for on arrival visa for dubai….

    • SaudiXpert

      Your iqama copy stamped by your sponsor(kafeel) and your passport.

  • saurav

    exit and re entry also required or not?

    • SaudiXpert

      Whenever you are leaving the country (Saudi Arabia), exit re-entry is must.

  • John

    Hi! Im a 20 years old foreigner student in Saudi Arabia under the sponsorship of my father which has a iqama title of Mechanical Engineer. I already acquired my exit re-entry visa. I will be the only one going, would i be able to get a visa upon arival in Dubai?

    • SaudiXpert

      Logically a copy of your father’s iqama and you iqama should suffice. However, it best to check with UAE embassy or the Dubai airport.
      Do share your experience for the benefit of others.

  • Mohammed Moiz

    Dear Sir,

    Could you Please advise if i need to travel dubai for a week which visa should i need to apply. my iqama holds a electrician profession can i be issued the visa on arrival.i called the uae embassy in riyadh but they give very bad response. i called them twice he said they dont no do it from your sponsor.

    what does it mean.
    could you please help me

    Thank you,

    • SaudiXpert

      Try calling the Dubai airport.

      • Mohammed Moiz

        can u pls provide the dubai airport number

        • Wilson

          The number is given at the end of above article.

  • jana

    vacation visa to dubai for 7 days
    hi i am nurse here in saudi arabia filipino national working as a nurse under the ministry of health. i want to go vacation in dubai for 7 days before i will go to philippines. how can i avail for vacation visa and what are the documents needed. tnx u so much.

  • Mohammed Moiz

    can a electrician professional will be issued a dubai visa on arrival as per your experience

    • Mohsin

      No as per experience.
      However, try emirates airlines…see above comment.

    • Saleem

      I had tried through Emirates Airlines for my profession Electrician but was refused.My brother checked at Dubai Airport and Dnata in dubai and it was a negative reply for Electrician profession on Saudi iqama.

    • Mohammed Moiz


  • Dr Shaikh

    Dear ,
    I am Working as Consultant Paediatric Surgeon in Saudi Arabia and having Iqama . but on iqama they mention Tabeeb instead of connsultant. so can i get visa on arrival .
    dr shaikh

    • Wilson

      If it is mentioned طبيب (Tabeeb)= doctor, then as per rules, you should get.

  • salman

    Hi I have Iqama with Engineer profession.I want to visit Dubai but when i am returning from KHI DXB JED.Will iget visa on arrival in this case or i need to have pre arranged Visa.Is there any practicl case in your knowledge in this regard

    • SaudiXpert

      Yes, you should get it. For peace of your mind, you can call and confirm with Dubai airport. Number is given at the end of article.

      • Rashid

        A/A.. i am in saudi and have to go for official trip to dubai.. after making re entry.. can i go to india 1st for few days and than travel to dubai by making visa on arival over there and afterwards cme back to saudi..


    • Rashid

      My situation was same as yours – Engineer iqama, coming from India – DXB – RUH. At Dubai, I got visa on arrival for 30 days. I stayed for 4 days and then came to Saudi. I had gone with my family and all four us got visa on arrival. This was in Dec, 2011. Hope this information helps.

      • Rashid

        A/A.. i am in saudi and have to go for official trip to dubai.. after making re entry.. can i go to india 1st for few days and than travel to dubai by making visa on arival over there and afterwards cme back to saudi..


  • Muhammad Ahsan
  • Salman

    Thanks for reply.what abt iqama iQama will be valid for 2 and halF months when i will travell

    • Rashid

      I don’t see how it is related to getting visa in Dubai. As long as the visa is valid, I do not see any issue. Do you ?

      • Rashid

        A/A.. i am in saudi.. i have to make official travel to dubai.. after making re entry visa.. can i go to india for few days than travel to dubai and make entry on arival there and than come back to saudi…


  • salman

    I found it on some forums where they confirmed iqama should be valid for at least 3 monhts.There are some other queries lik below as well

  • MJ

    Its been 6 months since I have been working with Salman Bin Abdulaziz University and my Iqama states my profession as Lecturer. Am I eligible to get a visa-on-arrival at the Dubai Airport? What are the documents I need to carry? Do i need a letter from a sponsor in Dubai? Is a signed and sealed copy of the Iqama from the university enough? We are not allowed to hold both an iqama and a passport at the same time.

    Please help. This is urgent. Thank you.

  • erfan abdul rahman


    I want to know regarding my iqama profession.First my iqama profession is building electrician(kharbai mabani)is it applicable for family visa? as my qualification is M.B.A.
    If i want to change iqama profession to marketing analyst or financial analyst which one is good and suitable for family visa..jazakallaah khair. may allaah reward this forum with the best.


    sir my name is dr shajee siddiqui and i am working in the moh saudi arabia sir i am having an exam on 14th march and my wife she is also a doctor both is having exam on the same day in alain and i am coming by road along with my daughter and my mother in law let me what travelling documents should i bring to get visa on arrival
    dr shajee siddiqui

    • Shakir

      You need to take your passport with exit re-entry,
      your iqama orignal (if not, a stamped copy),
      for you and your family.
      All documents should be valid for 3-6 months.
      To be on the safe side you can call 00971 4707 5222 – Dubai immigration office.

  • Geetha


    Me and my husband are planning to go to dubai for vacation we both are engineers in Riyadh his IQAMA is “Biomedical Engineer” and my IQAMA is under him should i take any document from my company my profession is also biomed engineer but my IQAMA is wife.His nationality is SUDAN and I am indian so its ok we will get VISA on arrival.

    Kindly reply ASAP coz we have already booked for flight and hotel.

    • Shakir

      As your husband’s profession on iqama is Engineer,he is eligible to get visa on arrival. Also, you as his wife are also eligible irrespective of your profession as long as your are his dependent. Both of you need to take your original passport with exit re-entry visa. Also you need to take your iqamas or stamped copy of iqama. Have a nice trip.

      • William

        I am also planning to go after two months.
        Can you share your experience once you return.
        Thanks in advance.

  • Gohar Ali Khan

    Hey Friends
    my Iqama Status is General surveyor , Can I get on arrival visa of Dubai

  • Ubaid Mazhar

    Dear Friend

    I am working as an Engineer in KSA. My family wants to visit UAE to see her brother. Is it possible to get the visa on arrival if I am not accompanying them. Shall I give her my IQAMA and PAssport copy so that she can show to them at Airport Immigration. Please advise me ASAP.

    • Aasim

      Hello Ubaid,
      I have similar scenario like yours. Im leaving for Dubai on 27th Sept but my wife and son shall join me on 30th September
      Since my family will be travelling without me will they get a visa on arrival in dubai ?
      Please let me know what you did in your case ??

  • Ubaid Mazhar

    My wife and children want to visit UAE, is it possible to have On Arrival Visa in UAE. I am working on CIVIL ENGINEER visa in KSA. Please note that my family is not accompanying me.

    • Muhammad Tariq

      Dear Mr. Ubaid,

      Did your family got visa on arriva when they travelled without you?? I have the same sinerio. Please share your experience…

  • nazir ahmad

    assalam alaikum
    my name is nazir ahmad my profession is ( funny electroniyat ).
    im working in saudia arabia in dammam , i was going to dubai for visit but there in emigration he tell me you are in ( kafala shkahsia ).Then he was depote me ,then i back saudia .please tell me what does mean by ( kafala shakhsia )and how can i get visit visa for dubai .
    im waiting your response as soon as possible .
    thank you.

  • Rashid

    i am holding saudi iqama HVAC techincian is it possible for me to get uae visa on arrival?

    • Saleem

      I heard they are not giving to technicians. Did you check with the embassy ?

      • SHAKIL

        I am having Employment visa ” Mechanical Technicial – General” of Oman. Can I visit UAE by road with family?

  • Mahammad Adnan

    I’m willing to travel to dubai. My profession on Iqama is General Accountant. but I’m having a simple passport issued by Pakistan Embassy at Riyadh please note that this is not computerized passport. Is there any problem in getting visa on arrival at Dubai airport. Please reply..


  • Boukour Djibrin Abdallah

    Pls my profession on iqama is sawaq khas ( personal driver ) I need to go to Dubai on vocation can you advise me how to get visa. Not necessary on arrival my sponsor in a woman working in a hospotal not married.

  • Khan

    My family is travelling to Dubai but I am not with them. My profession is Computer Programmer on Iqama.

    Q1. Will they get the Visa on arrival.?

    Q2. If yes than Is it possible that I can get the visa on arrival forms in advance & filled it for them so that once they arrive they don’t have to fill the form.?


  • Mohsin

    My profession on Iqama is cook.
    I want to visit dubai, can i get the visit visa ?


  • saurav

    dear sir
    i am planning to visit dubai. my iqama is of engineer. please tell me i need original iqama or photocopy of iqama.

    • Saleem

      Last time I went, a copy of iqama was sufficient. I do not if the rules are same or not.

  • Talha

    I am Scholarship student at University in Saudi Arabia. My Iqama profession is Student. i have round trip vacation ticket from Saudi to India. i wish to go through Dubai so that i cant spend a week in Dubai and go to India.
    Does my profession be granted visa.?
    Can my cousin who stays in dubai issue a visa for me.?
    what process should i do to stay for a week in Dubai and go to India from there.?


  • Saleem

    Hi The all saudi iqama holders can apply visa through travel agents,hotels and tour operators, one of the licensed tour operators that I have been applying through is for past several years and the service is good and friendly staff and is member of mohamed bin rashid estab for young business leaders.


    I am a Saudi Iqama holder working as a pharmacist in govt sector.
    I am planning to visit Dubai in the month of May with my family.
    Please let me know what are the documents i have to submit in Dubai air port to avail on arrival visa for us. Family members have independent Iqama. Please let me know weather the Iqama copies needs to attest from Chamber of Commerce.
    Thank you

  • Rawan Habbas

    Hello, I’m a Lebanese holding a saudi Iquama living in Lebanon. I’m planning to go o Dubai in 5 days departing from Beirut and while i have a copy of my iquama and my dad’s as well some are telling me that it’s not sufficient.
    Is that right?

  • Mohamed

    I am holder of Saudi Arabia Iqama – profession is Sales Executive – but in my passport profession is labor, can i get UAE visa on arrival.

    • Saleem

      Mohamed, you need to have “skilled” profession like Doctor, engineer etc to be eligible for visa on arrival.

    • Muzaffar Mahmood

      One of my friends got the visa on arrival based on Sales person Iqama.

  • marina

    My husband works here in KSA. I’m holding a visit visa and will expire on July so we will go back to Philippines on July. But my husband will be assign to Bahrain next week for a 3-day site visit. I wanted to go with him in Bahrain. Can I possibly go with him even in Bahrain if I’m holding only a visit visit (single entry) and also after 3-days go back again here in KSA? thanks

    • Sara

      Regarding visa for Bahrain, you have to check with Bahrain Embassy. However, once you leave KSA, you cannot come back to KSA unless you get a new visit visa. This is what my experience says.

    • Muzaffar Mahmood

      Saudi visit visa holders cannot get the visa for Bahrain.
      and once you go out of KSA through any port, you cannot enter to KSA anymore unless you have Multiple visit visa or get another single entry visit visa.

  • Shalika Malintha

    Im working in a travel Iqama profession is Marketing Specialist (أخصائي التسويق).i want to know i can get on arrival visit visa to Dubai

    • Ibrahim

      If you are in travel agency, then your company will have better idea. Do share you info. Also, does Marketing Executive need visa ?

  • Raquel Rosales

    Hi,my husband working in Saudi and he wanted to come and visit me here in Dubai, but his icama actually is labor,can he come here or what will be the best way to do so that he can provide a visa coming here, any requirements I will provide to sponsor him coming here? Thank You and more power..

    • SaudiXpert

      Your husband cannot get visa on arrival at Dubai airport based on his iqama profession. However, you can apply for visa for him there in Dubai. see
      The above link gives requirements and process regarding sponsoring your husband.
      Have a nice time.

  • Iram Siddiqui


    I am a housewife and my husband’s profession is of a programmer (Barmij Hasibul aali). I would like to know if i can get visit visa on arrival in UAE if i travel alone via road or plane?

    A quick reply would be very helpful.



    • Muzaffar Mahmood

      Please check my below posting.

  • archie

    Hi im working right now at damman and ill be granted a 3week vacation.

    do i need a visa when going to for a vacation in dubai? if yes how much, what are the requirements and how do i process


    • SaudiXpert

      Archie, you can read the above article to know different ways you can get visa.

  • Zeeshan

    I am Saudi resident and i am having a profession of marketing specialist.Please let me know my family only can travel to dubai without me and is it possible they can get on arrival visa

  • Muzaffar Mahmood

    Hello everyone,

    As per my information and personal experience, any “Technician” iqama category can get the visa on arrival in any Emirates of UAE (this was confirmed to me by an official at Dubai Airport) (the only difference is that few Emirates allow to enter by showing only Iqama copy (stamped by your company) and few Emirates require Original Iqama, e.g. Abu Dhabi).
    Computer programmer also can get the visa on arrival.
    Family members (of any category which is allowed to take the visa on arrival) can get the visa on arrival (Even if they travel alone).
    Please note that Saudi Airport authority does not allow to travel to UAE unless you have a valid visa or your Iqama is Engineer and Doctor BUT you or your family can travel to UAE via Bahrain Airport with Technician iqama category. As compare to Saudi Airport authorities, Bahrain airport authorities are very lenient.
    If family is travelling alone, they must get the Iqama copy (with company stamp) along with them.

    I hope this information will help.

    Muzaffar Mahmood

    • SaudiXpert

      Thank you Muzaffar for sharing your experiences.

  • Muzaffar Mahmood

    Please find below the official website page for Online Chat with Dubai Naturalisation and Residency Department (DNRD) staff to inquire about your Iqama category.

    Note: Ask the question very quickly else they close the chat session after few seconds wait.

    Muzaffar Mahmood

  • Nouman Sheikh

    Hi,I am working in Al Khobar Saudi Arabia and my profession is Sales Representative on iqamma, needs to ask you that do i will Eligible to have an arrival visa of Dubai…? i have plan to meet my fiance there

  • Jameela Ahmad

    Salam, im working here i n saudi arabia, i just want to travel to dubai for one week maximum vacation then come back to saudi. Im planning to travel in dubai on september 2013 inshallah but my iqama will be expired january 2014 am i allowed to travel in dubai?

    • Muzaffar Mahmood

      Wa Alaikum Assalam,

      I am not sure but I believe there should not be any issue because they issue the visa for 30 days so your Iqama should be valid at least for 30 days.

      For further confirmation, I also travelling to Dubai in next few days, I will cross check about this rule and will update.

      Muzaffar Mahmood

    • Muzaffar Mahmood

      I have checked at Dubai airport counter and as per them, your Iqama should be valid for minimum two months at the time you visit Dubai to get the visa on arrival. That means you can travel (InshaAllah).

      Muzaffar Mahmood

  • Mark


    I am working here in Saudi Arabia as an expat. My profession now on my Iqama is IT Technician. Is it allowed for visa upon arrival on Dubai? Hoping for an immediate response. Thank you.


    • Muzaffar Mahmood

      Hello Mark,

      Any iqama category with “Technician” can get the visa on arrival. For full detail, please check my comments above (on 16th June 2013).
      Muzaffar Mahmood

  • Ahmed

    Hi, I am an electrical engineer and wants to pay a tour to dubai only, and my profession on iqama is also engineer ; so i can get visa on-arrival, i wish to take my family members with me which includes wife, two children. Please tell me what exact documents do i need (both for me and my family) and what processes i need to do in advance, prior to going to dubai. PLEASE TELL COMPLETELY AND FOR BOTH ME AND MY FAMILY , it’s urgent :)(note : I have the copy of iqama but not the original )

    • SaudiXpert

      You need to take a copy of your iqama stamped by your company and your family’s iqama. Ensure that all the passports are valid for atleast 6 months.
      Incase you want to check if there is any update in rules, you can call the Dubai airport.

  • Reza

    Brother, if I have original iqama with me, do i still need to take a copy of the Iqama stamped by my sponsor???

    also, can you please tell me step by step procedure to get visa in Dubai Airport???

    • Muzaffar Mahmood

      Assalam o Alaikum,

      If you are taking your original iqama then copy is not required.


      1) After arrival at Dubai airport, go to the bank counter and pay the fee of 185 AED per passport and the person will give you the form and tickets (which will be equal to 185 AED).
      2) Fill the form and go to Eye scanning counter
      3) After eye scanning directly go to immigration counter, he/she will take your passport and filled form and after verification of your Iqama and Iqama position, will stamp the visa for 30 days on your passport….

      and you are through…..
      Keep remember in your prayers.

      Muzaffar Mahmood

  • saurav

    Please tell me for the on arrival visa for Dubai, need iqama original or a photocopy?

    • Muzaffar Mahmood

      Original Iqama or Copy with company stamp.

      Muzaffar Mahmood

  • talib hasan

    my iqama is technecian telecommunication can i get dubai visa on arrival

  • omar

    i am a 17 year old high school student residing in Dhahran. My father is a petroleum engineer. I have a saudi iqama and a Pakistani passport. I wish to travel alone to Dubai (without my father) for tourism purposes. Is it possible for me to get a visa on arrival at DXB?

    • sabu

      Hi Omar,
      I think its too late to answer your query, but it may help others,..
      As per the latest rule, sponsor MUST travel with the dependants to get an on arrival visa. There are very few excemptions and that too depends upto the descreetion of emigration officer. Better not to take chance.
      Nowadays Airlines check in staff from Saudi won’t allow you to travel without the sponsor. Because they have received a clear guidance from UAE emigration not to let the pasenger travel without their sponsor if they want to get an on arrival visa.

      • Yasmin

        Hello sabu
        In the case were my father cannot travel with me to uae
        What would be the alternative

  • Sid

    My profession is Electronics and Communication Technician.
    It’s updated on the online system but on my Iqama its still Labor profession..

    I am able to provide Ministry of Labors Online papers regarding new Profession..

    Can i get on arrival Visa to UAE ?

  • Abu Huzaifah

    Hi, My profession is Accounts Manager, Can I get 30 days visa from dubai border if I go by road? My family will also travel

    • Muzaffar Mahmood


      Accounts Manager could be your Job Title in the company but what about your Iqama position?

      Muzaffar Mahmood

  • Mohammed Nasrulla

    Iam Indian National working in saudi arabia i want to go dubai for visit on this eid 2013, my profession in my iqama is Salesmen can i get on arrival visa.

    • Muzaffar Mahmood

      As per Dubai airport Authority, Sales Representative (Mandoob Mubeaat) can get the visa.

      Muzaffar Mahmood

  • Mohammed

    I’m Indian National working in Saudi Arabia with Computer Technician “Fanny Hasibali” profession on my iqama. Please advise can I get on arrival visa for Dubai.

    • Muzaffar Mahmood

      Computer tech. can get the visa.

      Muzaffar Mahmood

      • Farhan Khalid

        Thanks dear…You save our time for giving this good information. Need 1 thing that my iqama is expire on 7-5-2014 and i want to travel 13-2-2014. I heard that iqama is valid for 3 months. Please guide me so that is there any problem happen or not.

  • Saif


    I am indian national with computer technician profession and my friend has Inventory Controller profession on our iqama. Kindly let me know if we can get on arrival visa for dubai? if no then let me know the procedure to get the visa.

    Jazakallah Khair

    • Muzaffar Mahmood

      Wa Alaikum Assalam,

      Computer tech. can get the visa.

      Muzaffar Mahmood

  • ocnarf

    i want to ask if i can stay to dubai for 7 days is it possible i can go there my iqama is timekeeper? to meet my friends there. pls response.thanks

  • Abbas Ahmad

    Assalam u Alaikum,
    I want to go to Abu Dhabi my Profession is Fanni Kahrabai can i go through Airport because some one told me that i can go through border by road, Please reply me. thanks

  • Sameer

    I am an Indian. My profession is Mechanical Technician. I have visited UAE via Sharjah one month back with my family. I Damam airport,the airline staff was checked my original Iqama while issuing the boarding pass (They asked Original, not Copy).

    Sharjah Airport on arrival visa procedure is following

    • Fill the visa request form (This form will get from helpdesk counter)
    • Eye Scan on the specified counter
    • Submit the visa form in emigration counter (They verified mine and family original iqama)
    • Paid the visa fee AED 115 for each person (We have to buy the AED 115 Visa Stamp from Salim Money exchange agency)
    • Need to wait 20 minutes for the visa approval
    • Revisit any emigration counter and get it done with one month visa

  • Javed Chishti


    I am resident in Riyadh and travelling to Dubai by Saptco bus.
    My profession on Iqama is (Ikhtisasi Tasweeq) Marketing specilist.
    Am I eligible for on arrival visit visa to UAE.

    Also do I need to carry Original Iqama, or a photocopy will do.

    • SaudiXpert

      According to some experiences shared above, you can. You need atleast a copy of your iqama stamped by your company. Orignal is better.

  • lourdes

    My husband is a Saudi and I am a Filipina. We are planning to visit Dubai. My question is, Do I need to get a visitors visa for entry if I will travel together with my Saudi husband?
    Hoping for your response. Thank you!

  • Sherihan

    I am an Egyptian citizen but I have a Saudi iqama since my dad works in Saudi…I’m under 21 though.. Is it possible to go to Dubai alon with the Saudi iqama? Or does my dad (me7rem) has to be with me ?

  • rustum

    im iqama holder of saudi arabia my profession is cost accountant im planning to vist dubai by next month i want to know can i get on arrival visa at dubai airport , original iqama require of stamp copy of iqama is allowed or company letter head

  • Mohammed Razi

    Assalamaliye kum wrwk.

    My iqama Profession is Funni Dicor . can i get a Visa on Arrival . i m coming via road. please suggest ..

  • Vije

    I am a professional IT visa holder (band 6 ,B6) under upgrading and working in international company.I work in KSA branch and I need to visit Dubai to spend some time with friends
    so my questions are ,
    01.what is the minimum band required to get on arrival visa(we and our vehicle-reg to ksa) if we travel by road ?? we need to get more than one visa or do we need to spend more money to get the visit visa if we use the road (we love to spend some time in deserts and to feel the real trip like we travel to Bahrain before)??
    03. how long can we stay in DUBAI with that visa(because we get a big vacation in next month-sept).
    hope we get more cheaper and hands on experience oriented answer.

  • ric

    hello mr saudixpert, a nurse by profession here in saudi arabia, filipino nationality im planning to exit from saudi arabia, at the same time visit my girlfriend in dubai 2-3 days before i go back to it possible for me to get visa for dubai.? because my employer will give me exit visa here…ihope for positive reply..thanks..

  • Lito

    Hello,,I’m a filipino with a profession of Electrical technician for equipment maintenance, planning to visit dubai this coming Haj. I would like to know if I can get visa upon arrival there in Dubai,,,Hopeyou can help me. TY

  • Pulkit


    I have multiple Entry work visit visa of KSA. (i am from India). I want to visit Duabi for 3-4 days. please suggest me on Visa type and the procedure to apply it. I stay in Khalid Bin walid, Jeddah.

    Also I have my relative staying in duabi who can apply visa for me. Will this be valid ?

    Many thanks in advance.

  • mohamed adam

    Dear sir,

    i am here in riyadh(saudi arabia) and my profesion is electronic technician as per iqama(indian nationality).i planned to goto U.A.E by this eid holidays.can u tell me the necessary documents i like to have while traveling.pls inform me the might be helpful.

    thanks in advance.

    with regards



  • Maulana

    Dear :
    Sir why My number Visa 2111386994 number Passport AJ328700 Sponsor Id number 1016362285 Can’t PRINT OUT in Jawazat Jeddah Saudi Arabia ???


  • saamer Aslam

    I am A student In riyadh i need to go for a tour to dubai so how it is posible to get visa and have a vacations with my friends



  • Muddassir

    Dear Sir,

    I am planning to go to Dubai on visit visa with my family. My Profession on Iqama is Logistics Specialist – can I get visa on arrival with family or I have to take it from embassy.


  • Peter

    Good day
    My profession is Administrative Assistant in the Iqama, am I entitled to get visa upon arrival at Saudi border for myself and family to visit Dubai. I have called UAE embassy at Riyadh, but didnt get any concrete response. However, they asked me to call Saudi border immigration at 00971-28723288, but again, no proper response. Appreciate if anyone can guide me.
    Thank you in advance for your help.

  • Peter

    dear mudassir, according to embassy at riyadh, they stopped issuing uae visit visas. you may confirm this by calling 011-482-7366

  • Ameer

    Hello! My family and I wanted to go to Abu Dhabi by road on this coming Eid ul Azha (October). I live in Saudi Arabia and am a doctor. Our iqama’s will be expiring in the mid of January 2014 and so I wanted to know that if im eligible to travel to UAE even though my iqamas abt to expire in three months.

    • SaudiXpert

      Kindly go through our comments section where our readers have shared their experience regarding information you requested. All the best.

  • kmaya

    I want to know im on my dad’s Iqama and will be going to Dubai for one month internship in January 2014 (inshaAllah) , I heard that i can not travel with any male and will i get 30 or more days visa ?
    Im not a Saudi national so i don’t know if that rule apply on me too ??

    Thank you ( please reply soon as possible )

  • Aftab

    My Saudi Iqama profession is “Executive Secretary” (سكرتيرالتنفيذي). Am i eligible to get family visa and Visit visa?. Can i get visa on arrival at Dubai Airport?. Saudi Expert, please can you assist.

  • Neil G

    My Iqama profession is Computer Programmer, have plans to travel to Dubai from Oct. 8-13, my family (non Dubai residents) will meet me there. Is getting an On Arrival Visa

    My Iqama expired December 2013. Thank you.

  • S Bharti

    For expats working as ENGINEER (as per IQAMA profession) in Saudi can receive UAE VISA on arrival (through road border or airport) subject to following:
    1) IQAMA must be valid for more than 60 days (better to carry original or certified copy of IQAMA)

    Can any body tell, what is the minimum validity required for Entry Exit VISA (of KSA) at the time of stamping UAE VISA?
    Is it same as IQAMA means 60 days or it can be less also?

  • Rizan

    Assalamu Alaikum,
    I’m Srilankan,My iqama is Draftsman,now i’m ready to go to vacation to my country,now i need to know before i leaving from saudi arabia to my country,can i get visit visa to dubai??
    is it possible??please reply i’m confusing….

  • mohammed hassan

    Hii… Assalamu alaikum I am mohammed hassan (civil engineer)and i am a saudi iqama holder with profession estimator. I plan to visit dubai for eid holidays.. is it possible for me to visit dubai with re entry visa.???

  • rehman

    assalamu alaikum..

    i want to knows that i have iqama of saudi mandob shall can i go with my family to dubai ..on arrival visa ..pls let me know about this ..


  • shabu

    Hai ,

    I am planning to go dubai through saptco bus service,

    What kind of documents i required,

    My iqama profession is computer programmer, shall i get on arrival visa, or i need to apply from UAE Embassy.

    Please suggest on this.

  • Muhammad Nabeel Shahid

    I planned to visit Dubai in eid vacations (By Road).
    My profession on iqama is System Analyst.
    So ,
    1. Am i eligible to visit Dubai?
    2. Is it necessary to keep the original iqama with you or having the copy of iqama is enough?

    • Ajaz Nusrat


      Dear Nabeel,

      Your case is same as mine, If you get any info for getting on arrival visit visa for UAE, Kindly share.


  • Ajaz Nusrat


    I wanted to travel to Dubai by road and my profession on IQAMA is “System Analyst”.
    I have called UAE embassy to check whether I can get visa on arrival but they have given me saudi-emirate border number to get right information for my IQAMA profession. So today I have called them but unfortunately their visa staff was not available, They had asked me to call again Tomorrow to check with them.

    But if anybody already contacted them please share your info.


  • kumar

    Dear sir,

    I want to visit 1 or 2 days kuwait by road. my saudi iqama profession is computer technician possible get visa on arrival

    please help me

  • Rashid

    Dear Sir,

    i am an Indian, Working in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. I wish to travel UAE for Eid Holidays. I am travelling by Bus tomorrow from Riyadh to Dubai. My profession is on Iqama is Tour Advisor/Guide (Murshid Siyaahi) could you please advise me can get on arrival visa if i am travelling by bus.

  • Tristan

    Dear SaudiXpert,

    I would like to ask if me and my wife (Filipino Expats) can visit to Dubai, both of us are residents here in Saudi Arabia. My Job in my Iqama is Fanny Electroniat which is Eectronic Technician is it ok or not? Thanks!!!

    • SaudiXpert

      Kindly check above Mr.Muzaffar’s comment dated 16th June,2013 where this issue is discussed in detail.

      Hope this helps.


    I am holding KSA valid Iqama on behalf of my wife as she is working as doctor in MOH of KSA. I am working not working in Kingdom. May I required visit visa of UAE and Oman?

  • usman farooq

    I just need to know that mine Iqama status in Saudia is (Supervisor Front office)(Mushraf Khidmatul fandaq), may i allow to visit Duabi
    And what is the Procedure for that ..

    • Ahmed

      Check with FlyNas Customer care, if they allow you to board a flight from Dubai/UAE you won’t be having problem buying Visa as soon as you disembark at any UAE/Dubai port.

  • dr.abdul samad
    • Ahmed

      You won’t be allowed to board Flight to UAE/Dubai by Airlines from any KSA port as long as you do not have Valid KSA Professional Iqama. Hence you don’t even stand chance of getting rejected by UAE Immigration Authority.

      You are at risk of wasting your Ticket to UAE/Dubai

      If you wish to get Visit Visa you can reach contact

  • http://gmail Jun

    Dear Sir,
    I am planning to go to Dubai after finishing my employment contract here in Saudi Arabia. My profession on my Iqama is General Accountant, Is it possible that I can get tourist visa on arrival? does my exit in Saudi Arabia will affect my application for tourist visa in UAE?

    Looking forward to have your reply, thank you..


    • Ahmed

      You won’t be allowed to board Flight to UAE/Dubai by Airlines from any KSA port as long as you do not have Valid KSA Professional Iqama. Hence you don’t even stand chance of getting rejected by UAE Immigration Authority.

      You are at risk of wasting your Ticket to UAE/Dubai/

  • Nabeel insary

    I have a saudi valid visa but my iqama status is student? I hv to go dubai? Can i get visa on arrival and i hv to go by road…

  • Samiullah

    Dear Saudi xpert
    My iqama status is investor here in Saudi Arabia I want to visit dubai emirates airlines told me that u can get visa on arrival via emirates airline.
    I just want to know that if I go to Dubai via saudi airlines or any other carrier Can I get visit visa at airport upon arrival.

    • Ahmed

      Irrespective of any airlines, you can travel to Dubai/UAE as long as you carry your Iqama and Passport. More ever if at all you have any problem you won’t be allowed to board from KSA ports. Seldom UAE/Dubai Immigration check your Iqama or Visa.

      As soon as you disembark in any UAE port, look for signage or ask for Helpful and pleasant Emirati Immigration staff who will guide you to bank counter where you can buy your Visa stickers @ 190 AED or 200 SAR. Filling the details and falling in line of passport control. In matter of time your visa stamping will be done and you can walk out.

  • Abdul Nazar

    Dear Sir,

    I visited many times UAE while my profession in iqama as a salesman. But now changed the profession as a store keeper. Whether i can get on arrival visa or not. Let me know please.

    • Ahmed

      No, you won’t be even allowed to board the Flights from any KSA ports by any airline. And if they allow you to board you will get the visa on arrival.

  • zahid

    my wife is lecturer in university in Saudi arabia and i am her dependent on iqamah. i am pakistani national and I want to visit Dubai alone , is it possible to get visa on arrival?
    Which documents will require?

    • Ahmed

      You need to carry ur Iqama and Passport, But you wont get Visa.

  • zahid

    My sister is lecturer in saudi university and pakistani national and if she want to go alone to Dubai , can she get visa on arrival?

    • Ahmed

      Yes, she will get visa on arrival at any UAE Port.

  • dr m shafi

    Sir I am a doctor working in Saudi Arabia, my iqma is valid for 11 months. I want to visit with my family to dubai am I eligible for visa on arrival. Thanks.

  • dr m shafi

    I m doctor working in Saudi Arabia iqma valid for 11 months want to visit dubai with my family. Am I eligible for visa on arrival. Thanks.

    • Ahmed

      Yes you are eligible

  • rizwan datagir

    dear ,

    i am working as a electronic technical and have plan to visit Dubai
    do it require visa or visa willbe provided on arival

    • Ahmed

      No you are not eligible for Visa on arrival, you canarrange visit visa.





    • Ahmed

      No you are not eligible


    as salamualaikum. I am a bangladeshi doctor working in KSA under MOH. In my iqama its written tabeeb , which I have renewed for 1 year now. I want to visit UAE along with my family, who herself is a doctor and workinng ubder MOH in KSA. Can i get on arrival visa in dubai airport??
    waiting to hear from you soon
    dr ahmed

  • Navas

    Dear sir

    iam navas i was working 2003 to 2013 working with sponsor . my sponsor have many criminal and he his in jail many time . my re-entry all so blocked one time. that time i inform my sponsor i want go my home . than after 1 mouth i got re entry .than i go to my home .now 1 year finish . i have plan now go to any GCC country . this time i can possible this ? please answer this ……?

    Thx & Rgs

  • ชุดเดรสคนอ้วน

    At this moment I am ready to do my breakfast, afterward having my breakfast coming yet again to
    read other news.

  • Vijin


    I am working in Oman as mechanical draughtsman. is it possible to get on arrival visa at UAE border by road. anyone please do reply on this as soon as possible.

    Thanks in advance,

    • Ahmed

      No, you are not eligible for visa on arrival. insted arrange prior visit visa.

  • Ali

    My profession on my saudi iqama is Secretary can i get visa on arrival at dubai airport?

    • Ahmed


  • ardee

    Good morning sir,my profession is a personal driver here in k.s.a. I have plan to visit my mother in Dubai dis coming eid,,it is possible can I get a visa before arrival,and I’m holding a driver license in Riyadh,,can i use my driver licence in Dubai to drive

    • Ahmed

      If you are on visit visa you can use international driving license, KSA license is not accepted in Dubai to drive Dubai/UAE number plate vehicles

  • TikTak

    I’m working in Saud Arabia and I’m holding Technical Management Contract Iqama Title.
    I’ll be on vacation soon and my itinerary as follows DMM-DXB-MNL. But in Dubai, i will stay there for 10 hours without Transcient.

    My question is, can i get a visa there to go outside the airport to meet some cousins and to return before my next flight?

    Thank you for those who will reply.

    • Ahmed

      No you wont get option of gogin out of airport, nor you are eligible for on arrival. you will get a meal voucher from your carrier.

  • skyflygirl

    Hi im a saudia cabin crew we have iqama now, are we included to have Visa upon arrival in Dubai when we go for vacation? Or as passenger thank u.

    • Ahmed

      You are eligible for visa on arrival privilege.

  • Divina

    I am a filipino Nurse working in the Ministy of Health, I am planning to visit Dubai with my family, but my husband iqama is laborer and my 2 children are under his sponsorship. How can we apply for visa? Can we get the visa upon arrival? thank you and hope to hear from you soon

    • Ahmed

      Contact any travel agent in Dubai and get tourist visa. Non of you are eligibel for visa on arrival.

  • Ali

    My iqama profession is Training Consultant (Mushtashaar Tadreeb), and I want to seek on arrival visa for UAE.. kindly advise..

    • Ahmed

      Contact any travel agent in Dubai and get tourist visa and you can get visa on arrival at any UAE port.

  • Rami

    Dear sir:)

    I am an Engineer by profession but, this time as i am taking masters program in saudi arabia with the

  • Rami

    Dear sir

    I am a civil engineer by profession. but my iqama is with student catagory as i am currently taking masters in saudi arabia.i have every document which proofs that i am an engineer. i would like to spend my vacation in dubai during my vacation. so, can i get visa up on arrival or i have to apply for visa?

    Thank you very much for ur valuable help in advance

    • Ahmed

      Contact any travel agent in Dubai and get tourist visa. Being an expat student you are not eligible for visa on arrival privilege.

  • Lyndon

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    however this blog presents feature based content.

  • Tiktak

    Mr. Ahmed, thank you for your reply.

    Follow-up Question, am i entitle to get on arrival visa with my Iqama Title (Technical Management Contract). Or i need a pre-arrange visa.

    Thank you.

    • Ahmed

      You are eligible for on arrival visa, but sometimes airlines won’t allow you to board. I advise you to personally visit any Flynas office and check with them and buy the ticket with them.
      Often at airport few times I was questioned though I had Marketing Specialists Iqama.
      Problem is with boarding, if any air lines allow you to board from any said port. You will get visa on arrival as seldom any one check what is Ur iqama. But they do ask for original Iqama, a copy will not help. There are two more options you can pay 700 AED and buy visa from Emirates at any Dubai terminal once on arrival. And other option is to talk to duty the immigration officer. Emirates are very welcoming flock. You won’t face hassle.
      Note that in all cases you have to carry original Iqama not a copy or photocopy.

      To be on the safest side…why dont you buy an 30 days tourist visa @ 400 AED on arrival will cost you 200 AED and Emirates Tourist Visa will cost you 700 AED.

    • Ahmed

      Hi Khan,

      You are eligible for visa on arrival, you need to carry original Iqamas and passports including you original Iqama. Once you arrive at any UAE port you can buy visa on arrival @ 180 AED per person valid for 15 days stay.

      • Sivaraj

        Dear Ahmed,

        Please clarify my company dosen’t provide original IQAMA and as i gone through the complete blog it seems copy of iqama with sponsor stamp is enough and in recent blogs you specified it is required to carry original iqama. Please clarify.

        • Ahmed

          Yes, it is mandatory to carry original Iqama. Your airline from any port in KSA won’t issue you boarding pass until you do not have original Iqama. In some cases even passport control/immigration in any port of UAE will ask you Original Iqama befor they issue you the visa on arrival.
          If you are not sure on my advice you can always try with a copy of Iqama with company stamp, please note technically you company is not any authority to authenticate your Iqama.
          Still you can opt for tourist visa and are exempted from hassles of visa on arrival.

  • Mothilal

    Dear Sir,

    I am working in Saudi Arabia as Project Engineer. I need to visit to UAE along with my family members.What are basic reuirments to obtain on arrival visa to go UAE and which flights can allows us.Thanking you Sir, Regards.

    • Ahmed

      Hi Mothilal, you are eligible for visa on arrival, but do not forget to carry your orignal Iqama and Passoprt when you travell. ususally UAE authorites wont ask for Iqama, but just in case. any airlines including, air arabia, emirates, saudia, flynas…you can take.

      All of the airline executive will ask for orignal Iqama befor they issue a boarind pass.

  • Arif Ansari

    Hi sir,
    I am holding KSA IQAMA as food service supervisor
    can i get dubai visit visa for 1 week to meett my family relative residient in SHAJAH ,UAE
    PL reply

    • Ahmed

      Hi Arif,

      As your Iqama status your profession as Supervisor, I doubt if you can get visa on arrival. Still you can visit UAE by arranging prior tourist visa valid for 30 or 40 days. Contact any tour agency in UAE to arrange for the visa.

  • mohsin

    I am a Teacher in Riyadh, KSA.
    I want to visit to UAE , do i need to require visa prior travelling or am I eligible to get on arrival visit visa.
    Kindly share your opinion.

    • Ahmed

      Hi Mohsin,

      You are eligible for Visa on arrival if you are teaching in any American / European school.

  • Ahmed

    Hello Sir,

    I am working here in Al-khobar, my profession on my iqama is graphic designer , i want to visit Bahrain, and i want to go by road as Bahrain is near via road. What are the documents required to go there, what is the procedure, and how much it will cost me.


  • Caisa


    I am holding a KSA iqama as a General Accountant and planned to have a weekend in Dubai. Booked a flight via Flydubai.

    Am I eligible for a Visa on Arrival?

    • Ahmed

      No you are not eligible for Visa on arrival; alternatively you arrange a tourist visa before you start for UAE

      • Caisa

        I’ve just returned from Dubai, got my visa on arrival. Accountants are eligible for VOA…FYI for other ppl who wish to travel to Dubai with the same profession on their iqama as mine. If in doubt, it is advisable to inquire with UAE Embassy hotline no. written above

        • Ahmed


          Technically an Account is not eligible, but seldom one will be asked for profession or to produce Iqama by UAE immigration authorities before issuing visa once you are at any UAE port.

          Problem is at boarding side most of the time airlines do not allow you to board.

  • Athar Asif


    My aqama profession is Supervisor Warehouse / can i apply for a visit visa to UAE QATAR or any other country ???

    • Ahmed

      Yes, you can apply for tourist visa. but you are not eligible for visa on arrival

  • upansu

    Dear sir,
    i am indian, working here riyadh saudi arabia and i am going to planing for final exit i and have valid UAE entry permit new work visa, can i go directly riyadh to dubai after here final exit
    thanking you

    • Ahmed

      Yes, you can.

  • Mohammed

    Dear Sir,

    I’m a Indian Technical Consultant and frequently visit Dubai on official trip, I get on arrival visa at 185/-AED fee. My question is can I eligible to bring my family (wife and kids) also resident in Saudi Arabia under my sponsorship, Can my family get on arrival visa for 14 days if i bring them along by paying required fee for visa at Dubai international Airport.

    Thanks & Regards,

    • Ahmed

      Yes, you can bring your dependents and avail visa on arrival

  • Sibabrata

    I am working as Technical Advisor with valid Iqama can I get visa on arrival ?

    • Ahmed


  • Amir Khan

    Dear Team,

    I appreciate your guiding of people. I have a query. I have profession of Services Supervisor. Mushrif Khidma,
    what facilities i can have ? Can I call family on family visa ? and can I visit dubai on transit or visit visa for a month ? or any european country ? thanks

  • Rameez Akram

    I am Pakistani national living in Saudi Arabia with valid iqama. My profession on Iqama is MECHANICAL TECHNICIAN. I am planning for visa to Dubai on Nas Air. Can i get Dubai visit visa for 7 days on arrival? Waiting for your response.
    Thanks and have a nice day.

    • Ahmed

      Hi Rameez,

      I doubt if you will get visa, why to take risk for sake of additional 200 AED, better you contact any travel agency in Dubai and get tourist visa @ 400 AED.

  • Saddam Qaddafi

    Salam Alayekom Ahmed,
    My Brother Works In Dammam K.S.A ,Holds a valid iqama for another 20 months and his profession is PRODUCTION MANAGER , is he eligible for VOA by road to Dubai?

    • Ahmed

      Hi Saddam,

      Yes, he is eligble for visa on arrival.. but he need to carry orignal Iqama and passport.

  • Malik Shahzad

    I have visited Qatar and UAE by road through SALWA (QATAR) and BTHA/GHAWIFAT (UAE) boarders points. The requirements are as below.

    1. You must have your Saudi Iqama with, any type of Iqama copy is not acceptable at boarder.
    2. Your I qama must have minimum three months validity precisely and passport must have 6 months validity to get a 30 days visit visa.
    3. The list of acceptable I qama professions is available on Qatar HOKOMI/ UAE MOI/ Oman Royal Police web portals.
    4. Your dependents are also eligible to get visit visa if the comply with step 1 and 2.

  • Kumar


    My name is kumar working in saudi arabia. My profession in iqama is, Quality Tester. Can i get on-arrival visa for 15 days for dubai.

    Can anyone tell me?

    • Ahmed

      Hi Kumar,

      If your Iqama reflects you as Quality Testing Engineer/Manager you won’t have problem in boarding the flight from any port in KSA.
      If your Iqama calls for Quality Testing as your profession, I advise you to carry a letter from you company that you are an engineer or a Manager attested by chambers. ,ost probably you will be shelling 130 SAR for attestation from chambers + 190 SAR visa on arrival fee. Better you buy 15 days tourist visa @ 400 AED before you start for Dubai/UAE
      Thumb rule of getting Visa on arrival at any port in UAE is that you need to hold a professional degree. but seldom any one will ask if you are a professional before they issue you a visa on arrival sticker at ENBD counter or at passport control.
      Problem is only at bearing the flight from ports in KSA, where they check your credentials and then only issue a boarding pass.

  • Sarfaraz Ahmed

    Dear Sir
    Good Evening
    I would like to travel dubai by road from saudi arabia. I have my profession in aqama as مندوب مبيعات ( Mandoob Mubaiyaat) and my cousin is فني كاحربي (Funny Electronics). We are Indian Nationals. Can we acquire Visa from UAE Border??
    Expecting your kind reply at the earliest.

    • Ahmed Moderator

      Hi Sarfaraz,

      No you won’t be able to acquire visa on arrival. Eligibility for VoA is professional degree holder like doctors and engineers or equivalent occupation reflecting on your iqama like Manager or above positions.


  • Philippe


    I’m a Filipino working in here in KSA, i’ve been visiting Dubai UAE twice and i was able to enter Dubai using arrival visa.

    My question is, can i get same arrival visa if i will travel by bus thru KSA – UAE border?
    If yes, what will be the procedure?
    Is it same AED 185 fee for the arrival visa?

    Hoping for your soonest reponse

    Thank you very much.

  • Tasleem Khan

    Please inform me that my profession is in my Iqama Computer Technician (فني حاسب الي) can i get a transit visa for 96 hours for UAE


  • Wowe

    I am filipino and holding of working visa under the profession of “COMPUTER TECHNICIAN”…. My question is, Can I travel to Bahrain using My Iqama and Exit / Re-entry Visa only? Because my Employer doesn’t want to give us our Passport unless you finish your contract.

  • John K


    i am having saudi iqama and my profession is Technical Consultant. Am i eligible to get an on arrival visa in dubai?? also do we need to carry iqama copy which was stamped by sponsor along with us. During my last visit to Sharjah, they didn’t ask me about the stamped iqama copy.


  • Aasim

    Hello Dear
    I will be travelling to Dubai on 27th Sept but my wife and son shall join me on 30th September
    Since my family will be travelling without me will they get a visa on arrival in Dubai ?
    Please let me know if this is possible otherwise i can still arrange a visit visa for them from the Embassy

  • Mohammed

    I have UAE residency, same time I am living with family in saudi and having valid iqama. I would like to take my family to UAE for a week on visit. Is it possible for me to get visa on arrival traveling by road or by air?

  • Jayson So

    My profession is Graphic Designer. Am I entitled for upon arrival visa?..

  • saif malik

    I want to know as per saudi law wheather we can carried out original iqama out side the kingdom to visit dubai or any other gulf country. we need this information by some official web site if any.

    Actually i am planning to visit dubai in coming eid holidays and my profession is engineer but my sponser said that original iqama will not be given to any employee as it is illegal to carry out the original iqama out side kingdom.

    pls. support me on this issue.


    • SaudiExpert

      If your sponsor says it is illegal to carry iqama, ask him to show where it is written that it is illegal.

      All the best.

  • Ibtasaam Siddique

    I’ve heard Pakistanis are barred to enter kuwait on visit. But can i visit Kuwait on the basis of my Saudi iqama? For profession, “Supervisor” is mentioned on my iqama.

    • Ibtasaam Siddique

      i know the blog is for Dubai only, but i was just wondering if you have any news/information to share for Kuwait as well.. Thanks

  • Fhad Khan

    Dear Sir
    I am working in Saudi Arabia Having Profession on my Iqama as MARKETING SPECIALIST, & I am Indian National, I want to Visit DUBAI by my car.

    1. Can we get the Arrival Visa on the UAE border.
    2. What are the other Procedure OR Documents to carry

    NOTE : This is my 1st visit to Dubai UAE.

    With Warmest Regards,
    Fahad Khan

    • Fahad Khan

      Dear Sir
      I am working in Saudi Arabia Having Profession on my Iqama as MARKETING SPECIALIST, & I am Indian National, I want to Visit DUBAI by my car.

      1. Can we get the Arrival Visa on the UAE border.
      2. What are the other Procedure OR Documents to carry

      NOTE : This is my 1st visit to Dubai UAE.

      With Warmest Regards,
      Fahad Khan

  • mahir


    I’m a indian working in here in KSA,

    My question is, can i get on arrival visa if i will travel by bus thru KSA – UAE border?
    If yes, what will be the procedure?
    Hoping for your soonest reponse

    Thank you very much.

  • mahir


    I’m a indian working in here in KSA, My profession in ikkama travel ticket writer

    My question is, can i get on arrival visa if i will travel by bus thru KSA – UAE border?
    If yes, what will be the procedure?
    Hoping for your soonest reponse

    Thank you very much.

  • Hashmat Khan

    Asalamualikum , i am indian and working in riyadh i am planing to travel dubai this october and i have profession of Aluminium Technician on iqama will i get visa on arrival or do i have to apply online visa

  • Jay Sam

    I am a shift supervisor(profession in pass port) working in KSA , New Zealand permanent resident as well. I required trasit visa for dubai to transit Turkish air lines to travel UK. I m Saudi Iqama holder, having UK tourrist visa also,and travelling from Jeddah to UAE by emirates can i get on arraival transit visa.Can any one help me to solve this puzzele.

  • ทัวร์ญี่ปุ่น

    Just want to say your article is as astonishing.
    The clearness in your post is simply great and i could assume you’re an expert on this subject.
    Fine with your permission let me to grab your feed to
    keep up to date with forthcoming post. Thanks a million and please keep up the gratifying work.

  • lady

    i am philippine passport holder presently working as a Nurse here in Saudi Arabia under Ministry of Health.I am planning to go Abu dhabi by december first weeek this year. Am i illigible a visa upon arrival? Please advice

  • Jun


    It says in the the airline website that we can acquire a visa at the arrival provided that at least 1 year living in GCC countries. Is this still applicable? I am an IQAMA holder with Engineer profession in my passport. I just arrive here in Saudi last August . Just want to spend the weekend with my relatives in UAE.

  • Jun

    I am a Filipino by the way.

  • shanu

    i recommends the poeple are not sure they will get visa on arrival dont take much tension , They can take tourist visa at a cost of 400 SAR arranged by hotels, airlines, tour operators. There is no hassle of iquama, profession,sponsor etc. its a 30 days visa you can stay 40 days without fine. it can be renewable on payment.. Otherwise you can apply directly in UAE embassy in Saudia and get visa stamped on your passport and travel with peace of mind. I have done same in 2003. All the best..

  • diet planning

    It’s amazing designed for me to have a web page, which is valuable in favor of my know-how.
    thanks admin

  • malik205

    Dear Sir,
    i need to visit dubai but i have some issues in my passport that mentioned : house driver
    but i changed my profession as a project manager

    Could i visit dubai with this issues
    please kindly please inform me as soon as you can
    because , i need to go very urgently to there.

    thank you……

    • malik205

      Dear Sir,
      i need to visit dubai but i have some issues in my passport that mentioned : house driver
      but i changed my profession as a project manager in my iqama

      Could i visit dubai with this issues
      please kindly please inform me as soon as you can
      because , i need to go very urgently to there.

      thank you……

  • Syed

    Hi, this is S.Syed working in riyadh and indian nationality. My Iqama profession is Computer Programmer and in my passport is Steel Fixer. 4 years before my company changed the profession in Iqama (Computer Programmer). Last year i went dubai by air and i arranged visit visa thru one of then travels in dubai. This time, i am planning to go by road. Can i get on arrival visa. thanks in advance for your feedback.


  • Noveel Anjum

    I have Telecom Technician profession on my Iqama (Saudi Arabia). I want visit UAE by road. I have checked with UAE Embassy in Riyadh and they confirmed that I will get visa at Dubai Airport on arrival. Please confirm if I can have visit visa on arrival at boarder for UAE because Embassy guy was not sure about this.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Syed

      Dear Noveel Anjum,

      I am in riyadh. Can you tell me where exactly UAE embassy there in riyadh? Is it possible apply visa here itself? any idea

      S.Syed Labbai

  • Mohammed

    Dear Team,

    I am staying in riyadh from 6 months, i want to visit dubai for 15 or 1 month, i came on a CLERK VISA, so plz tell me that can i visit DUBAI ? If yes, please let me know the details and procedure to visit the DUBAI. waiting for your reply Brother’s….

  • Muhammad

    Dear helper,
    I am planning to visit UAE through Batha Border next month with my family. I am having profession as “Fahas Mansujat” Textile Inspector on my Iqama. Am I eligible to get on arrival visa. Your response is highly appreciated.

  • moawia

    dear sir

    iam sudanese working in saudi arabia .my profession in passport and iqama is doctor . i want to travel by car to U A E together with my family. Ami elegible for VISA ON ARRIVAL at the boarder ?

    • Fareed

      Yes you are eligible

  • Cruiser

    Hi ,

    Thank you for the info .

    Just had a question . Do labour profession people can get on arrival visa to Bahrain ?

    Thank you

  • saeed ahmed

    last month i go to dubai,, folowing this steps
    i was go to uae embassy in jeddah they ask me u will gett visa on arival entry visa
    2.profession funny itsalat
    3.keep original iqama with u checked in both airports dubai a counter of NBD bank pay 220 AED visa fee and take slip
    they also change currency. need any printed visa no need finger print no need eye test.
    go direct to immigration counter.
    he will check your iqama and fee slip
    6.entry stamp on passport and fee slip.
    fee slip is actualy your visa valid for 30 days.
    7.i was driving car in dubai with saudi licence

  • Ghulam Mustafa

    I am a driver having Residence Iqama in Saudi Arabia. I want to visit Dubai to meet my brother who is working in Dubai. Can anyone reply me about the procedure for obtaining Visa for Dubai?.

  • Ahmed

    I’m a student , me and my friends are planning a trip to Dubai , is it possible that I can go to Dubai by road .
    My father’s profession is materials follow up supervisor .

  • Daudzai

    Dear Sir
    I am working in the KSA and my exact profession on the Iqama is English Stenographer/Secretary. I have been to UAE twice for training on Trade Finance and Letter of Credits. I got the visa on arrival but with slight problems which were clarified later on with regard to my profession title on the Iqama. Actually I am working as a Disbursement Officer in KSA. Please advise what should I do to avoid any problems. Whether I get a visa from the Consulate in Jeddah or upon arrival in Dubai. Awaiting your kind advice. Please further advise as to how long it takes to get a visa stamped from the Consulate in Jeddah as I have to travel on 8th of January. Awaiting you kind advice. Thanks in advance.

  • Zaheer

    I am Indian, please let me know for Profession Marketing Executive on Saudi Iqama, if i am able to get on Arrival tourist visa at Dubai Airport for 14 days ?

    But, my visa profession in passport is labour. Pls. let me know


  • Saud

    I work in Saudi Arabia. My profession on my iqama is “Safety & Security Technician”. Will I get Visit Visa for Dubai on arrival or do I have to apply for it in advance?
    If I have to apply for it in advance, then can you guide me the procedure for applying for Dubai visit visa from Saudi Arabia?


  • John

    Hey there, for a financial accounts technician, should we have the original iqama when reaching emirates! Does this profession as well enable me to get the visa on arrival ?

  • Fahad M

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Currently I am working in Saudi Arabia and I would like to travel UAE by end of this month or next month before 10th April, my profession on IQAMA is ROAD TECHNICIAN (فني طرق) please let me know if I can get visa on arrival and what documents are required from my side.

    Early response will be highly appreciated.

    Thanks & Regards,

  • Niaz Ali


    My profession in IQAMA is “Data Entry Operator”. Am i Eligible to get visa on arrival in dubai??

    • Aliyan

      PlZ help me what ur iqama profession plZ

    • Fareed

      Call these numbers and find it yourself.

      UAE Embassy in Riyadh: 011-4881227

      UAE Consulate in Jeddah: 012-6515436

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  • wajahat hassan

    My wife and son want to go to dubai on tourist visa as am not accompaning them so on arrival visa is out of question. What other options do they have? Can they get visit visa from embassy in riyadh? What are the pre requisites?

    • Fareed

      If they are visiting family/friends, then those people in UAE can request for a visa. Alternately, you will have to find a travel agent/hotels who assist with such visas.

      • wajahat hassan

        Thank you fareed

  • Medb

    I’m planing to go to dubai, in living in Jeddah 6 months now, Can I get my visa there, I was told that I need to be here at least 1 year, is that correct ?

    • Fareed

      Yes, you are eligible but again it depends on your Iqama profession.

  • Ahmed

    I work in Saudi Arabia and my profession on Iqama is “Mandoob Mubaiyat”. I will be visiting india in end of july and while returning I will be with my family and want to come via Dubai. I would like to stay in Dubai for 5 days.

    Please advise me if i will be eligible for On Arrival Visa or do i need to get them stamped in KSA or in India.

    Thanks in advance :)

    • Fareed

      Call these numbers and find it for yourself:

      UAE Embassy in Riyadh: 011-4881227
      UAE Consulate in Jeddah: 012-6515436




    • Fareed

      Yes, you can get the visa via Road provided profession on your Iqama is eligible. Simple and fastest way to find out if you are eligible is to call UAE Embassy in Riyadh on 011-4881227. Alternately call UAE Consulate in Jeddah either on 012-6530928 or on 012-6515436. Let us know the outcome!


        Thank you Fareed for making a deference you’re awesome.

        • Fareed

          Thanks & you’re welcome!