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11 Banned Items Never to Bring to Saudi Arabia- How Expats Can Avoid Problems at Airport

Ever seen first-timers sobbing at Saudi Customs just because they are being treated like criminals for bringing in something contraband (illegal)? In most cases, the expats are unaware of the law. However, ignorance of law is no excuse. Fortunately, such circumstances can always be avoided. Expats coming to Saudi Arabia, particularly the first-timers and those […]

Expats Who can Live and Work in Saudi Arabia for Free- Visa and Iqama Fees Exemption-MOI Rules

Although it sounds unbelievable, there are actually several people who do not need to pay for Visa or Residence Permit Renewal in Saudi Arabia. There are others who, according to Saudi law, do not need a work permit to work. Also, many are exempt from the HR development fees. So, are you one of those lucky […]

How Expats Can Apply for Ownership/ Transfer of 7 Seater Car in Saudi Arabia- Traffic Regulations- Muroor Laws

While it has never been a problem to own big cars for expats in Saudi Arabia, recently laws related to vehicle authorization have been changed. Now it is very difficult for an expat living in Saudi to own a seven-seater SUV or to get a new Istimarah showing their ownership. As per Arab News this decision […]

Expat Mistakes in Saudi Arabia Lead to Serious Punishments- How to Stay Safe from Deportation, Fine and Prison

Even today most expats in Saudi Arabia are not fully informed about the laws of the land. Particularly when it comes to travel, Visa, Iqama Renewal etc most of us take things easily. However, even the smallest mistake can land you in prison with huge fines and deportation. Further, the details of many laws in […]

How to Avoid Most Common Visa Violations in Saudi Arabia- Saudi Visa Penalty- Visa Violations MOFA

It might sound strange that someone would be careless about their or their family’s visa. However, in Saudi Arabia this does happen to expats. Many expats in Saudi Arabia are ignorant about the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) guidelines. Many still do not know about types of Visa Violations and the huge penalty one can […]

qSaudi 10 Tools to Lower Monthly Electricity Bill in Saudi Arabia- Saudi Electricity Company- SEC

Genuinely frustrated by your electricity bills in Saudi Arabia? Want full control over your monthly bill from Saudi Electricity Company (SEC)? Don’t look for Alladin’s magic lamp on Amazon, ask qSaudi instead. Many expats especially those new to Saudi Arabia might find it difficult to understand the monthly electric bill. This tricky task will be […]

How to send Family on Final Exit – Saudi Visa – Expat leaving Saudi

Since many expats are sending their family member/dependants back home, it is necessary to understand the requirements for processing final exit Visa. It is common knowledge that in order to legally leave the kingdom for good one needs to process “Final exit Visa”. However, many are confused about the exact requirements and process for the […]

How to Check Electricity Bill Online in Saudi Arabia – Subscribe to SMS Updates- Saudi Electricity Company- SEC

Naturaly, it is no joke that prices of electricity sky rocketed once the economic reforms began in KSA. This has caused quite come concern to expats and citizens alike and everyone is trying tooth and nail to keep these monstrous bills udner check. The first step in winning the battle against huge electric bills is […]

How to Send Household Items Back Home from Saudi Arabia- Cargo Services in Saudi- Expats going on Final Exit

Ever since the tsunami of expat departure hit KSA, there has been a huge demand in cargo/freight services. Most expatriates who leave the country have to transport household items back to their home country. In this article, we help you choose the right cargo service. Choosing what Items to send back from Saudi Arabia by […]

How to book Train Tickets Online in Saudi Arabia – through SAR website – Saudi Arabian Railways

Whether you are traveling alone or have someone accompanying you, there are a few ways you can book your tickets. The first option is directly booking from the SAR (Saudi Arabian Railways) website. The website is very comprehensive and streamlined so as to provide ease of access to even the less tech-savvy of us. We […]

Saudi Tax on Expat Remittance- Tax for expats in Saudi Arabia- Foreign Money Transfer

Since the last few months, a new fear has gripped the expat community in KSA: having to pay fees on sending money home or being forced to spend money within the kingdom. If we recall similar fears were resonating before the new EJAR system was launched and before the dependent fee was imposed. So the […]

Latest Info about Saudi Dependent Fees 2019

Ever since the introduction of Dependent Fee, the matter has been a pressing concern for most expats living in Saudi Arabia. This is especially problematic for those with large families to support. Qsaudi explores the 2019 trends expected in the charging of this fees. Are you looking for info on HOW to pay the dependent […]

How to Wisely Choose VISITORS’ INSURANCE for Saudi Visit Visa  

Qsaudi traces the development of Visitors’ Insurance in KSA in recent years. We analyse it from all sides of the spectrum, providing the latest information on the subject for visa aspirants. Visitor’s Insurance in the News: A Recap In 2016, Saudi Arabia joined the list of countries that require foreign visitors to sign up for insurance […]

Saudi National Day Holiday Extended, People Jubiliant

While the Arab nation was already eagerly awaiting Saudi National Day holiday, His Royal Highness King Salman has multiplied this happiness and sent the whole nation into jubilant celebration by extending the holidays. For more details about what Al Yawm Al Watani or National Day is all about please read our article Fun Facts on Saudi National Day […]

How to Protect Yourself From Online Scams in KSA

In a very short span of time, several expats in KSA have fallen prey to online scams and fraud. While otherwise educated and well aware, professionals such as doctors, engineers and academicians have ended up being duped by internet scammers and thus losing their hard earned money, precious time and peace of mind. Real Stories […]

How expats can study Engineering in KSA

Foreign students in Engineering Colleges in KSA For quite a number of years a handful of reputed Saudi Universities such as KFUPM, Dahran, King Abdul Aziz University, Jeddah and King Saud University, Riyadh, among the best Arab universities, have been accepting foreign students in their post-graduate Engineering programs. While having the prestigious ABET Accreditation would […]

How Expats Can Take Admission in MBBS in Saudi Arabia

In the past decades Medical education has been one of the main reasons expat families in KSA are forced to relocate their children after their school education to their home countries particularly India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. However this trend is geared towards change as world class medical colleges in KSA’s top cities open their doors […]

How to Resolve Frozen Bank Account in KSA

Chances of facing a frozen bank account in KSA Unfortunately frozen bank accounts are very common in Saudi Arabia and just about anyone can be affected. Imagine yourself at the grocery store with a week’s worth of fresh vegetables, snacks and other daily use items all lined up at the checkout counter. You hand over […]