How to make Exit Re-entry visa online through Abshir

exit reentry v

Making exit re-entry visa for your dependents has been made very easy. It just takes 5 minutes from the comfort of your home.

Exit Re-entry visa

We give you here detailed step by step procedure on how to make exit re-entry visa for your dependents.

There are two things you need to do before you can issue exit re-entry visa.

1. Kindly note that you need to be registered with Abshir services in order to do this. For more information on how to register for Absher services on MOI website, see step by step procedure on How to register for Absher services

2. Also you need to make SR 200 payment as exit re-entry visa fee. See this page detailed process How to make payment for exit re-entry visa fee.


Procedure for making Exit re-entry visa for you dependents:

Log in to your Abshir account from Ministry of Interior website – . If you do not have Abshir account you can create one, see How to register for Absher services.

Make sure you select the English version of the website by clicking “English” on the top left corner.

Once you login, you will get the below page; click “My Dashboard







Then click “More Details” under “Dependents”






You will see all the dependents registered under your name. Click “MORE DETAIL” for the dependent whose Exit re-entry visa you want to issue.




















Scroll down until you see “Issue visa” button. Click the button to proceed. In case you want to apply for Final Exit, then click “Issue Final visa“.





Check the box and then click “OK” button in order to proceed.




You can select either the duration of the visa, that is total number of days out of the country or the last date to return to Saudi Arabia. You have made payment for the duration for which you want the visa. The visa duration starts from the time of leaving Saudi Arabia and not from the date of issue.

The fee visa and step by step procedure for the payment of the fee can got here – How to make Exit Re entry fee payment.

For Arabic English Calender conversion see  Hijri to Gregorian converter

Type the duration and press Enter.



Below are some of the few possible errors you may get.

Error 1 – Non payment of fees

Sorry!! No sufficient funds are available to issue Exit Re-entry Visa”. Please pay the fees and try again

If you the error screen in below format, then you need to pay the fees. For the process, see How to make Exit Re entry fee payment.

You get this error if you did not make any payment for visa

You get this error if you did not make any payment for visa












Error 2 – Less payment of fees

Sorry!! No sufficient funds are available to issue Exit Re-entry Visa”. Please pay the fees and try again

If you the error screen in below format, then your amount is less than the duration for which you applied the visa.

In the below example, SR 800 was paid for which is sufficient for 8 months (240 days). However, we put 250 days because of which we get error.

Either reduce the duration or pay the correct fee as required.


You get this error for paying less amount compared to the duration


Error 3 – Duration more than 365

Sorry!! the duration cannot exceed permitted duration. Permitted duration should be ( 90 days + entered duration in days) less than 365; please enter another duration.

If you the error screen in below format, then you need to reduce the duration of visa.


You get this error if the number of days is 365 or more.

You get this error if the number of days is 365 or more.















If you do not get any error, you will be issued the visa as shown below.

Exit re entry visa

Exit re entry visa

You can print the visa by scrolling down.

Exit re entry visa Saudi Arabia

Exit re entry visa Saudi Arabia


Although as per the new policy, the Saudi immigration does not require you to submit/carry this paper; however many people have faced big problems when returning back to Saudi Arabia. At check-in counter, the airlines companies are asking for a hardcopy of this visa paper in order to confirm that your visa is valid.

Some of our readers have said that some of the airlines staff are asking for stamp of Saudi immigration on this paper. If they ask for the stamp; then tell them that they need to be updated with the latest rules and as per the new rules; it not required. If they want to check the validity of the visa, they can do so online on Check visa validity. It is unfortunate, that we, the passengers have to suffer due to lack of knowledge of airport staff.


Do not forget, if you do not exit the kingdom within 3 months of issue of visa, then it will expire. Also you will be penalized for not cancelling the visa. You will not get any refund for cancelling visa.

Happy journey.

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    Can some one pls help

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    My family / dependents multiple exit re entry visa is expiring after 2 days.
    I have already deposited SAR500/- fee for multiple via Sadad services (on line banking) against each iqama & it is reflecting in the MOI page under dependents.

    How i can apply & print multiple exit re entry visa as only option i see under each dependent is either cancel visa (which is not working as “Not Authorized” message is coming) or print old visa.

    Any advise ?


    • mazaki

      I have the same problem. The old visa is already expired, though I only have the option of cancelling visa. When i click cancel it get a message telling that the account is not authorized to cancel.

      Any help/advise is highly appreciated.

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        The link on “how to make payments” is not working, could you please post the steps here instead?
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          You can get 12 months ERE for dependents only single entry. Multiple up to 6 months.

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    I tried to issue the re-entry visa for my daughter from last 2 days but I am always getting the error “AC3705E: OPERATOR DOES NOT HAVE AUTHORITY TO PERFORM FUNCTION ” . What shall I do now?

    • Dr.Suhail

      I am also facing the same issue for the past 4 days.
      I tried to speak to the office through their Help desk, all he told was the System is ‘Off’ and will be Ok in 2-3 hrs. Its 3 days now and still this issue is persistent.
      tried to go the jawazat – no use asked to try again online.
      Will be happy if someone can guide us to solve this issue…since my family has to fly out in 3 days time.

      • Mohammed Sherif

        Dear Dr. Suhail,

        Thank you for your kind reply. Just now tried thru’ online and I got the exit re-entry visa for 245 Days. Alhamdulillah.
        I tried many times with different date of return, but the error message now changed to “Visa expires after residence” but still I continued to try. When I try for 235 Days it was error message but for 245 Days given , the visa issued. So pls keep on try ..
        IT happened to me just now at 11.30PM.
        Thanks and regards

      • Nasir

        Dr. Suhail,
        Did your issue get resolved as I am facing the same issue for my family when I try to issue a year long visa for them through MOI website.
        Regards, Nasir

        • salam

          Dr. Suhail bhai… still i trying to issue re entry visa for my family since a week.. I given different date of return… But the same error message persists. I cant choose number of days because my iqama is valid only 8 months.(240 days). In this way i get only 150 days… But i need 210 days…So many times I called help desk, they told its a technical problem will be solved today… but doesnt solve…. If any one know any solution pls help me..

          • Salih

            Leave the dates blank you will get maximum days.

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    I just want to know, can I issue Multiple re entry visa for my family?


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    Dear All:

    I issued visa for my family but canceled to change some date but now it is showing insufficient balance:(… I called MOI helpline they told me that once you canceled visa you can’t refund or reuse that money it is gone forever…

    whereas in same country (KSA) few days before I paid SADAD for permanent visa and refund and resubmitted but no problem at all.

    This is unfair that your fee is deducted without any reason…

    Is there any way to get this back????

    Thank you very much!

    • Mubashir Hussain

      brother there is an option of refund in ur online bank account like almubashir of alrajhi bank, so go to expatriates services and then select refund instead of payment,,,,, then type in iqama no for which u issued that exit re-entry visa then click proceed …..may be it will refund ur money

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    My daughter went on a single exit re-entry visa, which is going to expire soon. I wish to renew /extend the visia period for another six month. My iqama is already renewed for one year. how can I extend my daughter re-entry visa, with out she coming over here.

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    My wife went in india by 6 months exit re-entry but she stayed 9 moths but still iqama is valid how can i extend re-entry to bring her here.

  • My company get issued my Exit/Reentry visa from jawazat.I can see Visa # and issue date from Web.Eserve, visa duration and return before date are mentioned as N/A.I m still in KSA.Is any one can help me me how i can get visa duration and return date and print from any web site. Thanks a lot.

    • rehman

      Go to URL and type ( put iqama number and visa number then you see all detail your vacation

  • rehman

    When I open dependents service after open there r no dependents what mean this message

    Reply me. Thanks

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        if pls let me know

        • meera

          I went directly to 1 makthab near to Jawazat. He did it for me through online..But 1ly for 6 month.. I think nowadays more than 6 months not accepting. Tat Makthab guy told, u cannot do more than 6 month.

    • Muhammed Nisar Pk

      dear ilyas,
      did you find any solution

  • Mohammed Ilyas

    Dear Nasir. I went to Dammam Passport Office filled the exit Re-entry attached photographs of my family and attached all Iqma copy plus get the error printout attached with it. I got the visa up to the date of Iqma expire date.Hope this will help you.

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      I am also trying to get Exit Re-entry for my family but i get the following message please someone help me.

      Please send me.

  • Sal P

    I have my family existing multiple used many times and expired. I am trying to issue reentry now but the moi site doesn’t give me the option. It shows only ‘cancel visa’ button at the bottom of each dependent. Why is it so and how can I remedy this. Please help. Urgent.

    • nsathishmoni

      For me also same problem happened.
      I requested my company GRO to cancel visa, they done.
      then I got that option. once you cancel visa you will get that option.

  • Abbas

    I issued visa for my son today but now the option to print visa is not available, this will be problem while coming to our country as the Immigration person will ask for hard copy and if you dont provide then they will not allow you to travel, did anyone face this problem recently please advise.

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    I am facing the same problem like Abbas…”print option” not available after ERE done at Jawazat….can any one assist? My no. is 0569342530. Thanks.

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    My Visa number is 113385945
    iqama number is 2336458621
    when i check visa duration , return before it shows N/A.Can you please check the data.

    • Vijju-Indian

      today i issued exit reentry visa for family 180 days..and i printed from absher, it shows visa duration 180 days…but when i check on eserve website…duration shows N/A …what is it? is that ok… please advise…thanks…

      • Mohammed Abid are right it shows like that unless you return from vacation. The website won’t show the returning date. You only have to follow the visa duration from date of departure.

  • Salman

    My Family Multiple visa has been expired (01/10/1436) means (17/07/2015) but in Abshar account only one option is showing and i am trying to cancel but failed please help me i have to make single entry for my family because they are traveliing on 21st of July 2015

  • Faisal Raja

    i try to issue exit re-entry visa for my wife but. system showing an error as per the below


    • hamid

      Try to issue visa less than six months then I hope it’s will work.

      • Faisal Raja

        i tried 5 month and 28 day but same issue

        • hamid

          Than only option is try through jawazat after filling form of exit reentry visa.

        • Manan Safdar

          please insert the date in Hijri format

    • Manan Safdar

      Dear, you must be applying for more than six months, in that case it is not allowed. try less than six months and you will not face any issue. if you want more than six month than go to passport office with documents justifying the stay more than six months and you can get it more than six months from passport office.

      • Mohammad Sameer

        my employer also said that my single exit entry, system is showing error so he goes to passport office every time with my passport for my exit entry. I do not know the reason … if u find some info, please let me know to get online single exit entry.

  • Mobeen Tahir

    Can anybody confirm that there is any procedure to extend date of re-entry visa of the family.

  • Siljo Jose

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    I wanted to apply Multiple re-entry visa for my wife. But the button for”Multiple” seems to be inactive. The option “Single” selected by default.

    Please guide me on how to apply for multiple re-entry visa for dependent (wife).

    Thanks & Regards,
    Siljo Jose

    • Mohammad Sameer

      u can only issue single exit entry for your family online … if u need multiple then u have to go physicaly to Jawazat (passport) office with 2 or 1 picture of your wife/dependents.

  • Raheem

    How to change mobile number abshar

  • Mohammad Sameer

    my employer saying that online single exit entry is not working for me and he needs to go to passport office for my exit entry every time. I am not sure why online single exit is not working for me. Any idea please ????? please email me on [email protected] ….. Thanks a lot.

  • محمد عويس

    I have one doubt

    Is it compulsory that
    Jawazath office should be open (working day) for approving the exit-reentry. Visa

    Or after applying for Exit-re entry automatically it will get approved?

    Please inform me on
    [email protected]

  • Mohammad Sameer

    my employer saying that online single exit entry is not working for me and he needs to go to passport office for my exit entry every time. I am not sure why online single exit is not working for me. Any idea please ????? please email me on [email protected] ….. Thanks a lot.

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  • tariq

    My employer told me that my online entry is not working … pls tell me the reason why .. and what is the solution?

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  • Ali

    Hello friends,
    Just for my information I would like to know, If i could go back to my home country on an exit re-entry visa with an unpaid STC bill and an unpaid car installment (just one month due).
    As I am in a tight financial position right now, i will pay the dues after I return from my vacation

    • DipatuanQudaratuLLAH

      Yes, you can. But it will carry over once you come back

  • angelie sepe

    Can my employer get me a visa online on holidays?im worried because my flight is on the day after the holiday.

    • Jenny

      Mee too my ticket is on july 5 but the jawazat still close is there any info if my employer can get re entry visa online please i need possible reply..

  • Akshara Naveti

    exit re-entry fees, under which iqama number the amount has to be paid, iqama numberof dependents each or on iqama of kafeel,(HUSBAND) thank you

  • Sabbirhasan

    Formerly I ask you. Can I get my exit reentry visa my self? because my manager said me that he can’t get my visa there is some issue with government.