What to do if you do not Receive Salary on Time ?



salary on time

This is a common problem faced by expatriates – delay in salary. And most of the times expatriates are at loss what to do about it as they are unaware about their rights.

Few points to keep in mind are follows:

  1. Make sure that you have written work contract signed by both parties. The contract should describe the type of work & position, salary, work timings, vacation duration etc. For more details about work contract see  Work Contract
  2. It is expected that your sponsor should pay at the end of month or within 10 days of end of month.
  3. With the implementation of wage protection system by Ministry of Labor, it will become for all companies to regularize the salaries of all employees. The Ministry of Labor will monitor if the salaries are being paid on time and penalize those who delay their salaries. For more details see Saudi Arabia to have complete Wage Protection System by next year, 2015

Wage protection system will become compulsory for all companies by 2015 and Ministry of Labor will ensure that all  salary payments are made to workers through bank.

Till then if you are facing issues of delay in salaries payment then you can contact your Embassy or Ministry of Labor.

  • Imran86

    Can I go to the labor ministry If I quit a Job because they were not paying me on time and now they are giving are not me tanazul even when I already gave them my demand letter ?

    • Mohsin

      Yes, you can go the Ministry of Labor and inform them that you are not getting your salary.
      You need to take your contract copy and iqama.
      Do let me know if you faced any problem.

      • Rashid

        I am not able to get my salary from last 3 months and i am on company sponsor visa what exactly i required apart from the contract to show in the labor office. and if my sponsor put me on final exit what can i do?

  • If an employee transfers his sponsorship to a company and is not given a contract, then how do you define the employees status.

    The Ministry of Labor should ask for the employees contract with signature before transfer, Otherwise both the Ministry and the Employer are equally involved in no effectiveness of the system.

    • Mohsin

      Yes Mujahed, you have got a point.
      But in case the sponsor does not sign a contract, you can always approach the Ministry of Labor and lodge a complain.

      • abdul jabbar

        Can I ask also for u.
        Same for me also there always delayed our salary in 1 and half month there not paying us on time also. Can I go to ministry of labor also. Because always like that on our company.until now

  • Ali

    I have been working in my company for the past one year, with only basic salary (no housing allowance, no transportation). The nature of my job usually comes with all these benefits. I want to demand for transfer to another company, but two years of my contract are not completed (there was no contract period mentioned). What will be the procedure?

    • Mohsin

      You can approach Ministry of Labor with copy of your contract if you not being paid your salary in full.

  • mohammad Nass

    my comnay don’t give us the salary for one month. all of the emoloyee want from the financial department one salary for each employee., we don’t have over time. there is no any contract for the employee, just job offer,. there are alot of saudian employee take 3000 S.R without work without comig to the company

  • Mohammad

    Lets C ??????????????

  • A

    I have been working in my current company almost 6 months and also i give my tranafer to this company.

    The problem is there is no contract letter everything is verbal now they are showing their dirty face holding my salary as they said they dont have money.

    Except my they already given full salary to other empoyee i m still waiting for my salary.

    Beacause i m the only Pakistani in this company others from Kerala.

    Someone suggest me what go do??

    • Mohsin

      Go the Labor office and complain.

  • shaheryar

    Dear most of the companies involved in contracting and outsourcing business don’t pay the salaries on time. and employees don’t go to MoL because of being kicked out the next day if he ever reported his problem. This fear of being going jobless is the basic cause of exploiting worker rights.
    If the Ministry relaxed some rules like transfer of services without the consent of current employer will bring huge relief to worker rights in KSA.
    but that decision is taking long to be implemented as it will affect the big industrialist and business groups.

  • Expatriate

    Facing problems in Saudi Consulate India regarding certificate attestation. provided all the required documents still culture rejected after 15 days of submission. Why this procedure cannot perform by Saudi consulate as Muslims will not get that much support from Indian government. Am now helpless and seems no way to attest my certificates from Saudi consulate India. what to do please suggest?

    • Mohsin

      Check what is the reason for rejection.
      Also, you can get hold of some travel agents who get the work done.
      Give me your email, I will send contact number for travel agent in India.

      • khalid

        thank you,

        it because of date in the contract they want me to change the date of employment contract how is it possible its illegal. I signed new contract in January 2014. and they want me to change the date.

        too much requirements for genuine degree attestation.

        [email protected]

  • sir,
    my company not giving my salaries on time. after every two months they are giving me one month salary. up to know i don’t receive my two month salary. in my contract is not mention like this. i resign to my company and tell them give me final exit. but know they are not giving me exit. they are giving me exit re-entry. suggest me what i can do. can i go to court against them that they are not giving me salaries. i don’t want to work with them and want to go back my country with final exit and NOC.

  • Tahir chartered accountant

    Dear sir, my khafeel is in red category and i have not yet get iqam because i,m fresh to saudi now i found i job two months contract basis

    so please give me some advise what m i do whether there is need of chamber r not in order to work legally with this company

    • Mohsin

      Tahir, you can easily transfer to the new company.
      Just find a good company and go to Ministry of Labor and they should be helping you to transfer to new company.

  • Sara

    What are d procedures for a girl to do a ladies parlor and boutique business under a kafeel


    Assalamwalaikum Sir,
    this is sohaib. i want to transfer my iqama laicence ID number from old to new iqama. is this valied or not. still 6 years r left to expair my driving laicence. can u sujest me please? i leave in makkah n my iqama is from jeddah, my laicence is from riyadh. please sujjest me.

  • Jibreel

    In our company every month we always received our salary delayed of 15 days and sometimes 20days, I want to transfer to another company, I don’t have a signed contract with them, because I asked them to change some details and I returned back to them the contract unsigned and they said they will change it but until now after two years they did not change the contact for me to sign it. I gave them my resignation letter 6 months before and they accepted it, and they asked me to give a demand letter from other company to get the release letter from them, but when I asked the release letter, they are asking me to pay SR30,000 to release me otherwise they will send me back to my country for final exit. by the way I joined with this company as local hired and they did not hired me from my country… my question is, do I have a right to insist to get my release letter from them with out paying the SR 30,000?.. thank you

    • SaudiExpert

      Actually, there is no rule here in Saudi Arabia that if you are locally hired, then you should get release. Try to negotiate with your sponsor and come to mutual agreement.

      If you need profession help, kindly fill up the form on http://qsaudi.com/enquiry/

  • Khan

    Dear sir,
    My Company not giving me release. I am working with this company since, 2.5 year. I gave local transfer to this company. I am not getting salary on time since 1.5 year (3 month delay, some time 2 month delay) recently I got good offer from other company so, I gave resigne with 1 month notices period as per Saudi labor law. I have completed 1 Month notices period and did my clearances and other procedure on last day. They accepted my all document and told me come after one week. when I approached them after 1 week, they refused to give me released and passport they told me that as per Boss Instruction we are not giving release to any employee even they take my Iqama also. Now they put me in “Huroof”(Absent from work) and they going to send me Exit. They creating problem for me. I have complete proved of document with H.R Manager signature.

    Kindly, Suggest me.

    • SaudiExpert

      This is so wrong. Khan, kindly fill up the form on http://qsaudi.com/enquiry/ we will try to see if we can professional help for you.

  • Dear Sir,
    I m a New comer to KSA & working in Travel Agency from last 3 months and i have not get my salary till now, and my family depend on my salary. whenever i asking about my salary they just said, we will arrange it very near.
    they said like this from the last 2 month.and i have timing problem also 9 hours per day and 61 hours per week No holiday.
    i have no signed contract with them.what to do please give a helpful advice.

    • SaudiExpert

      Abdul, you can transfer to another company if you can prove that you have not received salary for 3 months.

      If you need professional help, kindly fill up the form on http://qsaudi.com/enquiry/

      Best of luck.

  • jamsheed

    please I need your advice .I was sick then I visit doctor the doctor give me two week rest but my sponsor force me to work during work I fall down in the store my sponsor took me and throw out said in footpath .
    some of the guy took me in hospital again also my insurance was very poor they cant do my treatment so the hospital guys call the sponsor to arrange treatment or send me to back india for a treatment but spencer make me uroob now I don’t know what I will do /many time I went to indian embassy for help they push me out deferent reason also I went to laborer court but hopeless ,

    • SaudiExpert

      It is outrageous the way this guy has treated you. Kindly fill up the form on http://qsaudi.com/enquiry/ and we try our best to help you.

  • Arsh

    Dear sir

    i working in a man power company since 16 months and since jan 1st 2015 My company is not providing me job (since 4 months) and they didnt paid me the salary since 6 months and actually i gave local transfer to this company in the year 2014 jan and now as he is unbale to provide me job and salary since couple of months i am asking him tanazul bcz i have a good offer from another company. please kindly suggest me how can i get tanazul ??????

  • Ronald

    Sir i need your advice,i’m coming here in buraidah qassim and joint United Cable Factory since September 11,2011 then i finish my contract september 11,2013.since i came here tha factory are not started or no work due to incomplete for everything here in the factory.my employer ask me if i want to stay thats why i continue another 2 years without vication due to no saving i got.he promise me he will give me contract same like before,he gave me increase salary for second 2years,Now my problem this last JULY 2015 i did not recieve my salary and my employer i can rich to call,his telephone always close,always close his phone.my second 2 years will finish this coming September 11,2015.My Question Sir if ever my employer not personal to talk to me until finish my second 2 years and not giving my salary since month of july to September 11,2015,What i should do to complain,I’m running 4 years this September 11,2015,the factory are not working untill now and I’m only one operator here,I’m Filipino National.if ever Sir i have chance to find another job here in Saudi Arabia? Thank you Sir,hope give me advice regarding the Saudi labor low.

  • Mtislam

    Dear Sir,
    I used to work with Saudi Oger 6 years 2 months, last Ramadan 21 my Iqama got expired and i got Transfer my sponsor from Saudi Oger to other company, since 1 month i am working in my new sponsor.. but Saudi Oger didint paid my final settlement till now..could you please advise me how can i get my money easily…hope to get your reply soon…Thank you

  • alexcjohn

    Sir my name binu my company last fourth months completed no giving salary now five months start our iquma is valu any possible start work new company and tranfer iquma
    Please repaly

  • Mga Negative Lang Alam

    Greeting of Peace.. Good day sir, we my co- filipino worker 3 months no salary the company Sadeem Agricultural Company always tell us tomorrow and still no salary, our family depends on the salary were we fill our contract with that we are getting. Where in KSA for that reason work but with salary.. the company will tell also that cut salary if you will not work.. the question how can you work without food.. no money left in our pocket and very stressing in fact our Family need to eat also.. Stress in work, stress in Family, Stress in how to produce money for food.. kindly call Sadeem Agricultural Company sir..

  • Yasir

    i want to know that since i came Saudi i m not getting my salary on time after two months i m getting one month salary tell me what i have to do.other thing i m not getting my full salary just getting my basic salary and transportation.i visa for labor but i m working as manager since 8 months they did not change profession according to job. please let me know what i can do can i get release an other company.

  • Kamal Bashir Shareef

    company given date 23rd spt my last working day but my sattelment amont and balance salary still not yet clear.they told my be 15 affter they cleard my al amount but only pay untill 23rd spt please give me replay what i am doing

  • Shiva Kumar

    From Last 5 Months I am Not Getting My Salary In Time And Amount Was Not Cleared Complete Amount And This Month 1St I have Given Resignation But Still Not Get My Salary And Pending Amount Please Can Get Any Help

  • Jhun Alen

    Hello Sir,

    Before our company is delaying the salary after every 2 months. then they give 1 month on the 3rd month, now Our company has not paid our salary for more than 3 mos, can we transfer to another company as described in the new saudi law ? also will we be able to receive our End service Benefits and unpaid salary ?… Please please reply

  • Jehangir Ahmad

    Respected sir,

    i am working in jaser al amal company for last two years.my contract is complete i can not recive my salaries for the last three months i do not want to work in this company the kafeel always says” BOKRA” tomarrow but not paying . what i should do that i recive my salaries and go back to pakistan.

  • ksdvip jamku

    Requested sir
    My company not paying salary on time since 1 year now already pass 3 month without salary also I have finish my two year contract and they give me new contract for next tow year I sign already now I want go back to home with exit visa what should I do please advice me my god bless you you are doing exllent job you getting blessing from all of us keep it up thanks please give me advice