Changing your Iqama Name English/Arabic

While living in KSA you are supposed to have a Saudi Iqama card that is said to be the lifeline of every expatriate. The Iqama holds immense importance in the Kingdom, without which you are not entitled to any benefits and even residing in the Kingdom. The details of your Iqama should all be correct and accurate and in case of any error the Iqama has to be handed over to the authorities and the details have to be rectified immediately.

Having matching and correct names with the same spellings is a must for your Passport and Police Clearance Certificate, the marriage certificate and various other documents that are important but this slight error can cause many hurdles, in case you want to get your degrees attested or to issue a document etc. in the Kingdom. For this you have to be very sure that you need to check the details on you Iqama once you get it. Always tally the names and spellings with your passport and if there are changes required then hand it over to the GRO (Government Relations Officer) of your company to cancel the error.

Procedure to change the Iqama names:

In case if you have your English name spelt wrong on the Iqama then you will directly go to the GRO of your company and ask him for the change immediately. For him, the procedure is exceptionally easy as he only has to work on an online system and get the spelling changed. Once your Iqama is renewed you will get the corrected spelling.

On the other hand if your name is spelt wrong in Arabic the GRO of your company will take your case to the Jawazat center and get the problem solved there. Note here, that the GRO’s of any firm have the liberty to change the English names in your Iqama but not the Arabic ones.

Keep in mind that if you delay the process the work for you will get hectic and you may not be able to open bank accounts if your names do not match with the passport and Iqama. You will not get your degrees attested or any other document for that matter unless you have completed this very first and basic step.
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